Would you call your friends, during a date to hang out ?

So this guy and I went out on a breakfast date, which I thought was really cute, and it was going great, until I decided to go to the bathroom, and when I come back he is on the phone, making plans to hang out with his friends later, so I let it go because it was quick, as he was driving me home, he made another call, to ask if he can hang out with them again while I'm just sitting there..in the car..wtf ?

He texted when he got home, and he texted me the next day after our date, but isn't rude to make calls during a date ?


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  • Well, the first phone call was completely acceptable under the circumstances. You have to give him the benefit of the doubt that someone called him and he picked up. I wouldn't reject a call because I'm waiting on my date who's in the bathroom, but I'd start wrapping it up once I saw her coming back to the table.

    The second one was different because he initiated it. One, I wouldn't talk on the phone while driving because I know too many personal horror stories regarding talking and texting while driving. Two, I'd use the time I had in the car with my date to make conversation with her, not make plans with my friends for later, because those friends will still be available after I've dropped her off. I wouldn't waste her time trying to impress her with how popular I am.

    With longer-term relationships, sure, you make a phone call or text here and there. Sometimes the phone call is relevant to your date because she's coming along, so that's a different situation. However, I wouldn't up and make a call to my buddies during a typical date without first apologizing/excusing myself, and then only if I've made a commitment to my friends to call by a certain time (to reserve tickets, for example). I'd try to take care of business outside of the context of a date, though.

  • I would call a friend. THe more the merrier.


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