How to talk to a new guy?

This is my first time talking to a guy I just met. I've never texted a guy before (okay I have but not a lot and it was guys that I was just friends with..and don't say to talk what I talk about with them Because I was mostly talking about my sports) anyway, he stopped putting smileys by his texts, and it's starting to get boring. How do I liven it up? I'm not all that interesting of a person, I keep trying to pass on the convo to him, but he won't take over. I'm not funny enough to hold the convo..i really like him tho. How do I talk to him?

Thanks in advance! I rate all answers and pick BA :) Ready..set..go..answer! ;)


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  • Maybe try a phone call………i know its not common with us young people nowadays but I always have the same problem when I text a new guy :/

    I told myself the next guy I will call instead of text =)

    You'll stand out from the others if he's talking to other girls!

    And if you're like me,talking might be nerve racking but once you get it over with you'll feel so much better and it might be funner than texting

    Good Luck!