Should I wait this time for him to text me first? Frustrated!

I've been texting this guy and we've only seen each other twice. Both times we made out really hard-core - I'm sure he's very physically attracted to me as well.

The crappy part is that I'm usually the one to text him and we rarely even text. I asked if he wanted to hang out today a couple of days ago and he said that we definitely could since he only worked for a few hours. I asked today if he still wanted to hang and he said that he had a test to study for and would tell me if we could still hang out. Well, we're definitely not hanging out any more tonight because he never got back to me.

It might be important to note that I'm still a virgin and he knows this. I told him that I would not have sex until I felt 100% comfortable and knew that I was with the "right" person.

Do you think he's just trying to get into my pants? Why do I have to be the one to initiate anything? He was SO enthusiastic at first and then it just fell apart...


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  • i think you are right that he just wants to get into your pants. when he found out that it's hard or impossible he just left.

    you can think otherwise if you think that not texting and communicating is normal with this guy, but looks like it was not


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