3 year Old Payback.. Ideas Needed

LONG STORy..short

1. Dated a guy for a few months

2. frist time I really fell in love

3. He cheated on me with my best friend ( she didn't know him as my guy, we where in a fight at the time0

4. Confronted him, and he said he was "testing"

5. Ignored him for 2 years

6. He dated another friend, she lost her v card to him

7. He broke up with her soon after that

8. Now he is rude to both of us.

9. I want payback

... I don't know every time I see him I just what to punch him... any ideas jaja


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  • The worst revenge is to ignore his existence; pretend to forget his name, where he lives, everything about him.

    Make sure to tell people who might date him what happened. It will get back to him.

    But I wouldn't plot revenge. As Confucius said, 'If you plot revenge, dig two graves.'

    Life is too valuable to waste on the time and energy it would take to plot revenge.

    • Thanks for the advice.. I love the quote! It sounds like a plan... and I never though about telling other people I'd simply say "Oh Him, anyways" and change the topic. I'll try telling them now, it wouldn't be revenge maybe I can just say its a warning for the girls

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    • Wow (the link), as for saving the girls, He is after another girl who just turned 15. The same age he played the rest of us at. I hope to tell the girl soon so she doesn't fall for his trap. It really is beyond me at this point

    • Anoyne who goes around to bag 15 year old girls, unless he's also not much more than 15, is beneath contempt.

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  • If you've been carrying that around for three years you let him get nuder your skin. He's not worth carrying that kind of baggage for so long.

    For your own sake you need to let it go. If you plot revenge it means your thoughts are still being controlled by his memory. Seriously, don't let him have that kind of control over you, because that's just what it is.

    Let it go and you will be free at last.

    • I really did, I don't like him having the control. But like martfellow below said I think telling other about him is good. I guess its the fact that his playing with the girls, and all his ex know his tricks, just to well pop their cherry and then leave them and ignore them. I can't let that go... But I guess I never really tried. Thanks

  • syphallis?

    • your point?

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    • dude its not even THAT BAD.

      He'll just be embarassed. Go to the doctors. Learn his lesson. Be less promiscuous.

      It's like hitting 3 birds with one stone. It's funny. It's practical. And you get your point across.

      The best part is you can tell the whole world that the guy has syphilis and no one will touch him in your town

    • true, but its a small world and the last thing I want is people finding out I payed the chick..

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  • anything you do is a fraction of what karma will do to him. just let him sit with himself, sometimes that's the worst.