I really like him but I think he's getting frustrated?

9 months ago I lost a friend to a car accident and it was very heartbreaking for me since I never really got any closure. All I have left of him are messages and voice mails on my phone, everyday I wake up with an enormous burden on my chest. Just recently I began to hang out with a guy that I really like and it was so embarrassing because I got drunk, cried a little, blacked out, and threw up on his bed...he took care of me though. After I left he texted me and everything was cool, 2 days ago I tweeted something about my friend that passed and that's when things kind of changed. (the guy I like)His texts were much shorter. I texted him first yesterday asking how his day was going and all he said was "frustrating actually" I asked why and he never responded. I'm not saying that I'm the reason for his frustration but it's really difficult trying to have a relationship when you still regret someone else...i really don't know what to do, because I want to talk to him but I don't want to bother him...so I just turned my phone off? does anybody have any suggestions for me?


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  • Sorry you lost your friend. I lost my best friend as well in plane crash years ago, it is tough but as time goes by those wounds and feelings of lost and emptiness will improve...

    if a guy is able to be there for you in that moment when you are upset, drunk and sick it is a very good sign.

    I'd imagine part of his shortness in the text was because he was frustrated and probably not feeling very talkative or not wanting to take out any frustrations on you.

    Do be reactionary to simple differences in texts but continue to try and become close to him. There is a tendency when we lose someone close (and I know what it's like) to be tentative about letting people in and at the first sign of resistence you may have an instinct to get away before getting hurt, but like I said at the beginning a guy who is willing to be there for you during a dark moment is someone worth keeping around and at least seeing what is there

    • thankyou. I will give him a little space though- he's frustrated for whatever reason...I have no clue. he has tweeted something just recently"aww I love my" I don't know who my is or if he just failed to complete the sentence? but I still have yet to receive a text "/ it's killing me a bit inside so I'm just going to turn my phone off for awhile. Thanks for your response it was very helpful. hopefully he still likes me.

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  • I'm sorry you lost your friend,

    You probably seem like a whole mess of emotions atm and so he's lost a little interest or maybe he just wouldn't know how to handle you.

    Or your not up to being in a relationship, but if you are you should contact him and ask him over but try not to bring up your friends passing.

    If he's really something special, eventually share it with him and hope he is understanding and will help support you.


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  • if its meant to be you two will fight for each other... sounds like you need more time to heal...?

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