I texted her that I like her; I'm unsure of what to do now...

Since I'm not intent on typing out paragraphs here on my back-story, I'm just going to state that I know this girl well, but not "close".

Towards the last week of school, I was planning on telling her how much I like her; how I've held such feelings for the entire year. I had bought her two boxes of chocolates, strung together with blue yarn, and I wrote her a letter which I stuck in between the chocolates. My plan was to surprise her with the chocolates on our last walk home from school, and confide in her how I really felt. Before I left, I asked her if she was walking, and my plan collapsed completely when she told me she was getting a ride from her friend. I walked home feeling crushed; I had no way of getting in touch with her. I pulled some strings, and was able to get her number. (We had exchanged numbers somewhat months before, but in the past month she had gotten a new phone, new number). I texted her with the number my friend had found for me. I explained to her how I had gotten a hold of it (she had commented it carelessly on her instagram, to my good luck) , to which she was a little creeped out but told me it was alright. I told her that something had been bothering me that happened earlier on that year, and she asked me what.

I then sent her a picture of the chocolates, and told her that I like her. I got no response for an hour, and I sent her another text telling her a deeper extent of how I felt for her. How I feel a jolt whenever I see her, how I love hugging her, how her hair mesmerizes me. Half an hour later, she texted me saying "omg I feel really bad..." and since that night, I have not attempted texting her, nor have I gotten anything from her.

I don't know what to do now. I really wish I had said this in person so I could see her real reaction. I don't know if she's actually thinking about what I told her, if she's decided to just forget about me, whether she even plans on texting me, if I'm even worth the effort in her mind. I feel paranoid right now, and I would appreciate some opinions on this. I'm really unsure of what to do right now.


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  • Sweety I'm really sorry to say this but unfortunately the feeling isn't mutual. If she was into you then she wouldn't have said that and she would have talked to you way more. I certainly would not treat a guy like that if I knew he liked me and if I felt the same. I would have talked to him often and told him that I feel the same too and would have likely even made plans to hang out. I can promise you her reaction in real life wouldn't have been much better... it's not the fact that you did it over text messaging. It's just that right now her feelings towards you are lacking. If I were you I'd distance myself from her, distract myself from her and treat this as one would treat any break up or rejection. Go through the stages of grief, but then pick yourself up and move on with your life. I know this is so cliche but there really is someone out there for you and now it's one girl down, which means one girl closer to the girl you're destined to be with <3

    • This is a girl that would say hi to me randomly. A girl that toyed with me early on in the year. Once she came up to me, poked me in the stomach, smiled and hugged me, out of nowhere. She'd talk to me, question me randomly. There was definitely something earlier this year; the feeling had to be mutual at one point. I feel like I waited too long..

    • If this girl was so into you at the beginning then her sudden change in feelings for you indicates she wasn't feeling as intensely as you did at the beginning. A girl doesn't just lose her feelings like that. Usually when girls fall hard for a guy they crush on the guy for years! I have a bad feeling that you confused her being friendly and playful with flirting. This could also be why she said she feels bad... she realizes she may have created the wrong impression and misled you.

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  • Honestly man, she probably didn't feel the same way about you. If you weren't that close to her to begin with, I think your grand entrance may have just surprised her big time. I think she's trying to figure out how to put you down gently, at least that's what I get from her response, "omg I feel really bad..." She's hinting at the idea that she was unaware of your feelings, but at the same time she doesn't know how to reject you. This is why you haven't gotten a response from her yet. If she was into you, then she would have been more open and quicker to respond I think.

    Just wait. You already spilled your heart out to her, so don't make things anymore awkward.