How come its the 1s who don't deserve happiness end up happiest

I was head over heals with my ex. He broke my heart. Treated me bad. And there were plenty of roumers he was cheating as well. No proof but stories was mad about him so I believed it was all bull.. he then broke up with me over text message (how harsh) was on a night out with the girls when he text :( 2 weeks later he's hooking up with his friends ex (him and his friend fell out before this) now there a couple and flaunting it. There oh so happy mad abourr each other etc. What a prick :( when now I'm left alone upset and afriad to even go into town incase I see them. I deleted my fb and his num so I could avoid anything to do with him. But of course I hear it through friends. I'm so annoyed a selfish prick can always seem happy and leaves good women hurt and angry.


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  • this is cliche but it is true: life is not " fair". stuff like this happens all the time... it sucks but its reality.

    I would advice you to focus on making yourself happy instead of worrying about your ex. As a girl with an a**hole ex I can relate. I use to wish the next girl treat him bad & broke his heart like he did mines but then I guess I just stop giving a sh*t.. about him & about how things end. time heals all wounds. I don't expect you to get over everything in one day but start telling yourself that you're gonna accept things for what they are & your gonna see people for who they show you to be. don't try to change for them or try to change them. just let things be. this might sounds like a contradiction but if your gonna change.. change for the better and change for YOU. It will get to the point where you don't even give a f*** that he's happy. You'll probably even think, "good for him. I'm happy too. ""everyone deserves to be happy."

    Just live your life and focus on being a better person. He is the past. Let him stay in the past. Someday in the future , a better guy will come along & you will be happy things did not work out with the ex you're worrying about now


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  • Monsters like him can exist in this world because chumps like you exist to feed him everyday. I know that's hurtful but if you look deep down, it's the truth. If you won't be the chump, another girl will.

    • Thanks. I like honesty

  • Because they realize ain't nobody gonna give it to them, so they take it. A wise strategy.

  • Some people know what will make them happy, and let nothing stand in their way.

    Life is not intrinsically fair - and pretending it is will get you nowhere.

    No one is responsible for your happiness except you.

    • Thank you :) yes I agree. But I do believe he is somewhat of a narcissist though

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