Why Does she do this?

Ok So I've been seeing this girl for 7 months and we are really close. We hang out everyday and all that good stuff. But whenever I'm not with her she's either with some other guy or with her best friend and with a guy. Then whenever she sees me I'm just with my team. So is she's telling me that she's done or what?

i feel like I don't trust her but at the same time I know she wouldn't do anything like this to me. And btw I had talked to her earlier on this week about how I'm sensitive when she hangs out with guys that freaking flirt with her when I'm not around.


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  • Don't judge her so fast, you have no proof that she wants to end your relationship. Girls hate jealous guys, she probably doesn't see anything wrong with hanging around other guys. Especially consider if she was friend with these guys before ya'll started going out. If she wanted to break up she wold probably just come out and say it.


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