Should I just tell her?

Okay if you read up on the very last question I posted, "How to follow up a date for a drink?" You will see that I've met someone, but it's in the infantile stages and going extremely slow, I'm not knocking that. Slow is always better than too damn fast.

So she texts me once a day to see how my day is going, how I'm doing. I text her back and ask her some questions (Because I'm actually interested in how she is doing how her day is going and I really do care for her.)

I've yet to tell her how I feel about her as far as what I really think.

I think she's the most beautiful woman I've met. Not just her looks, but her personality and kind heart.

Mother of 4 adopted, works her ass off, going to college, getting her MBA in business, coaches, holds functions, helps out her brothers, helps her friends with their kids (Babysitting). Works 2 jobs to keep extra money going... I mean this woman is everything to everyone, and she still has time to text me to see how I am doing.

What she'll do is wait till I answer, back a little, waits for my next question... Then answers it the next day.

Should I just flat out tell her what I think of her, or should I wait to see how this is going?

I see myself telling her this one day when she asks me. "How's your day going?"

Me: "Better, now that you've messaged me. *her name* I want to let you know now how I feel. I think you're the most wonderful woman I've ever met. You're heart is so full of love and kindness. You are everything to everyone."

"Since the first time I met you and you were in trouble and I helped you out, I knew there was something about you that was special, now that I know you a little more, I know there is."

"So if you want to know how my day is going, just talk with me and you'll know that it is always better, when you are part of it."

So what do you think, please comment. Give me advice, I've no one to talk to about this around me. They all don't seem to care what I think and basically shrug at me, my roll models are terrible with women advice as well...

I don't want to push her away by being too strait forward, but at the same time I don't want her to slip out of my life without me at least telling her how I feel.

*I'm so confused*


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  • No you shouldn't

    • You are exactly right. I need to have more respect for myself. If she wants to play this game with all the bagage she has along with it, then something is up.

    • Thanks and glad you understand.

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  • How many dates? I am kinda unclear (didn't read your first question). I wouldn't ever tell I woman I am dating my feeling until there is mutual trust, but that is me. My advice would be to see how busy she is, she seems to have quite a bit on her plate and you need to see if she will make time for you. If she does then your golden.. Also, you should avoid texting to much and just use it to set up the date, if you text everything about what's going on in your daily life, what will you have to talk about when you see each other? Also, if she is truly interested it will give her time to miss you, you want that for sure!

    Best of luck

  • She seems really busy, but is it possible if you could have her go out with you on at least one more date? I think it would have more meaning and impact if you tell her face-to-face as opposed to being so impersonal via text.

  • I would wait it out if I were you, don't want to scare her away this soon, you feel me. Get her to hang with you more and and show through your actions.

    • On that note, I would have to agree with Moloch in that you don't want to scare this girl away so soon. Unfortunately, only you can be the judge of how well she meshes with you and whether or not she knows/trusts you enough.

  • Mother of 4 adopted children?! Are you maaad?! Imagine when they grow up. 4 strangers with their problems, at best. On top of that I would worry that they would irritate me, piss me off, disrespect me deep down. Up to you but you can't say nobody has never mentioned the flip side of the coin. Goodluck.

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