Is this considered a date or just a hang out?

Sooo me and this girl decided to meet each other before I enter college even though we still live within the same area. So we agreed to hang out in her city which is only 5 minutes away from mine and agreed to walk around. She said that we could go and walk by the river, goto the theater, goto an arcade and even get something to eat. Its just me and her... and I don't know if she sees this as a hangout or a date...opinions?


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  • Sounds like a date dude. Either way treat it as one. Be nice and tell her she looks good etc. I would do so many activities thought I would say start at like 3pm and stop at like 6. Pay for everything and be a gentleman. Hold open doors but do not if that door is a car that's just old school.


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  • I guess its a date


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