What if a guy is texting me and he has a girlfriend?

Hello! So...this past Saturday I met a kid(lets call him bob haha) at a volunteering baseball game. My sis and I, were identical twins, were helping with the bats and stuff and he was on the opposing team. So this guy is very attractive, and he's also outgoing! Long story short, he started staring at me and flirting a little with chit chats and then he did the same with my sister. Then after, he "left" something behind when really he just said that to talk to us again and asked us for our numbers because he wanted to see if we were going to the next game. Then, we talked to him for like 5-10 min and he made his ride wait! So then he texted me later and was being cute and funny but at a point it got a little flirty...and I just brushed it off till Sunday I was looking through my Facebook and we had some mutual friends and I saw he had a girlfriend. So it's now Tuesday and he's been texting me everyday! He always says "Hey(name) :)" and always asks how I am! And the second day he was texting me till pretty late and he said I seemed so sweet and that he'd wished we could be talking in person..he also said that he could tell me anything(except having a girlfriend!) cos he felt I was easy to talk to..but starting yesterday, even tho he told me he'd be busy, he hasn't texted till late at night. And today he texted me at 12:23 am! And then he ends it like an hour and a half later saying he was pretty tired...also, on Sunday he said that he wanted to call me cos he was dying to hear my voice! ha ha I was flattered but I just met this kid! And he also said that he wanted to hangout...so lets see how that goes... Yesterday(Monday) I also requested him on Facebook and he accepted it..so he probably definitely knows my sis and I know he has a girlfriend...and I'm not close with anyone he knows and I don't know his girlfriend!

So what could this mean exactly...? I know he comes off as a player but he is nice! I don't know what to think:/ even tho I do seem a little attracted I am NOT a home wrecker and I'd still like to be friends...

Thank you for reading! And please comment your answers, opinions and advice(ESPECIALLY ON TEXTING HIM! THANK YOU!

Hello again! Thanks guys for your responses, really appreciate it! So this kid kept on texting on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Tuesday he texted super late! Like at 11:20! And he texted my sis first then me...five minutes after I liked his status-.- and then he was the one who ended the convo an one &1/2 later! But, I know I probably just shouldn't have answered or stopped after 12:/ but oh well.
Also, he had suggested plans for Wednesday night but I told him my sis and I were busy and then when I said Friday night he all of a sudden had to "check with his dad" and would let me know "later on in the week"...which never happened. After Wednesday he stopped texting my sis and I altogether like a post or two on fb and that's it. My sis and I didn't ever text him first cos we're not desperate and we don't want him to think its kk to flirt when he has a gf.
Anyway, we talked about it and on Saturday we unfriended him.


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  • K gurl. I got chu. So I'm going through the same thing...ish. I'm taken and the guy I'm talking to is taken. I'm not a hoe. I been with only 3 boyfriends long term (2yr) & I'm only 18. I dated young. Anyway, you never know the position he is in. His girlfriend can be out of town, state or country. They might be in different schools, location etc. But ue has one. When hebstarts calling you...baby, babe, beautiful, sexy, hottie, ...mostly babe / baby anything close to a girlfriend nickname... he likes you OR is just playing the game well. But you said he's not am player. So I'm guessing if he calls you babe in the future ... he likes you likes youm and that's werid by the way. only ONE of why I you twins should talj to him. Maybe he wants to get in bed witg the both of you. You never kniw. Lol but texting wise. Just be nice and smile. Don't ...DONT. call him babe/ baby / cutie... let him call younthose first,Cutie is okay if you call him first maybe 2x but cut it off. You don't wanna grow on that and forcefully call you that. So yeah also respeft that he has a girlfriend. But ig you don't mind that he a girlfriend and would like to keep hin foryourself then that's a different story. But right now. .. only ONE of you can have your eye on him , don't call him babe first, let him call you first and plan a small date. See if he makes a move. But its okay to flirt back. Just not to mucb if you don't wanna take him for yourself because of his gf


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  • Sounds like he's a guy who's in a unhappy relationship and just needs the attention really...

    • I ran out of space! LOL REST OF UPDATE IS HERE:

      and he hasn't contacted us at all...and did I mention that his girlfriend is a not-so-good-looking cheerleader that's a year younger than us and goes to his school? So yea...thanks for anyone who's reading this, again, I really appreciate it!<3

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  • you should ask him what his intentions are and why did he have to avoid saying he has a girlfriend. if you want to be friends tell him he needs to talk at a regular hour.

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