I don't know what to do?

i visited the guy that I really like and we got along great, had lots of laughs etc. when I returned home, we texted and everything was fine...got on twitter, I tweeted about my friend that passed away-and I also tweeted that "random I love you's make my heart melt..and the guy I'm talking to now always sends random I love you messages to me,..well 2 days ago the text seemed a bit short and distant and I texted him first yesterday,i asked him about his day, he took hours to respond *which normally that doesn't happen* and then he said that he was frustrated and I asked why...i haven't received a text. I checked twitter and a recent tweet read "aww man I love my" I don't know who my is or if he didn't complete the sentence, I don't know if I hurt him with my tweets? but I feel like such a fool, and I get so panicky when a guy I like doesn't respond to me right away. should I just forget about him and move on? I feel like an idiot-I don't know if I'm over exaggerating about turning my phone off for a month but it's difficult looking at my phone and not seeing his name


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  • yes, you are over exaggerating, and yes, maybe you should move on. Maybe he's got something else that's frustrating him that has nothing to do with you. Whatever though, move on for now.


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