Why isn't he replying to my text messages?

Why won't he text me back?!?

I texted a guy and here's what happened:

Me: Hey

Him: Morgan!


Me: What's up?

He hasn't replied in two days, and my phone says that he read the text message. Why? I texted him the next day, he read that text message too, but still refuses to reply... It's been two days..


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  • He has nothing to say - he's not a girl, texting is not important to him.

    The little rush of dopamine that girls get when texting? He doesn't get that. He gets no pleasure out of texting.

    if he has nothing to say, he will say nothing.

    If you've not asked for something time specific , he won't feel the need to reply.

    That's because he's a man. It's not just him. It's men.

    • Is he just not that into me?

    • Did I say that anywhere? Did I even imply that anywhere?

      Pay attention to what people actually say. It will save you years of abuse in the long run.

    • A little brutal but yes this is basically true.

      Though not responding could imply he may not be interested. If a girl I like texts me then I respond. Find a different guy and work on them, don't waste your time with this bub

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  • Doesn't sound like he's that into you, sorry.

  • have you ever done a similar thing? why? he did it probably for the same reason, busy or uninterested or playing it cool. don't text again for a while I think that would be the best thing.

  • It could be a indication that he's not that into you, but don't just base it off off a text.

    Try and do something together if you like him, since you're under eighteen I'd suggest a trip to the beach/cinema or something innocent like that. If he's a bit older 16+ you could probably go to a restaurant (don't expect anything fancy, he's probably not rich ;) )

    If he comes up with excuses or just tells you no, it's a clear indication for you to back off.

    In that case, move on.

  • Just play it cool and don't worry about it. overreacting is not going to help your cause

  • He has better things to do then to play texting games with you, move on to another guy!


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  • not into you or playing games