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I have been dating this woman for about 2 months, 6 dates. Everything is going very well but there are 2 things I need to tell her that I am afraid might freak her out and I wanted to get everyone opinion on how she might react. The first is I have a genetic disease, which requires that I receive treatment every two weeks (takes about 2 hours and is administered at my home.) for the rest of my life, in order to keep me healthy. Without going into too much detail, so long as I get my treatment there are basically no affects, I am healthy and very active. If you didn't know there is no outward way you could tell.

Secondly, and this is a bigger deal, I am on probation. During the time leading up to my divorce I came home one night and my then wife attacked me, tried to take my laptop and my divorce paperwork from me, and was attempting to force me out of our house. I shoved her and she fell hitting her head. She called the police and I went to jail and was charged with domestic violence, assault and harassment. After $15,000 in fees to lawyers it was decided that I only had a 50/50 chance in a trial of being found not guilty and the lawyers felt it would cost another $15,000 to take it to trial. The prosecutor offered a deferred sentence (after a year of probation all my charges would disappear completely.) I am a profession and cannot have any charges on my record or it will ruin my career. So I took it. I didn't realize what a pain probation would be. I am in some forced therapy for another 2 months, I can't drink due to random tests, (supposedly this will end soon.) and I have to report in to my probation officer monthly. Believe me I know how bad this sounds but I am really innocent in all this. What does everyone think?

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  • I think you're innocent too. What happened with your ex-wife was a mere accident, but do you really feel you can trust this woman you met? Usually, when I meet a new girl with who I see a plausible potential relationship, I tell her all the important things she needs to know about my previous relationships. I do that in the first few conversations just in case they don't feel betrayed after we went a long road down.

    • I can't really let things keep going any further without telling her it wouldn't be fair, and it would breach her trust in me She is the one who needs to decide if its OK or not

    • Yeah, so spill the beans. Tell her what you've been longing to. The stuff you're hiding isn't bad, I don't see a reason why she wouldn't accept it. It's not like you you were a murderer or had a promiscuous past. That's way worse.

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  • Just tell her, this stuff isn't really that bad dude.

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