Problems with a guy...what should I do?

I decided I'd give this guy who likes me a chance and we started talking last week. He makes no effort talking to me and I feel like I'm making all the effort. Sometimes he'll text back and sometimes he doesn't at all. Its been two days since he texted me back. The other night I made a huge mistake and drunk texted him telling him I want to have sex. :/ Now I think he has the wrong idea of my intentions.

We hung out the other night and I got a hug and kiss good night. Problem is I feel like something is wrong with this whole thing.


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  • Its hard too say what he thinks, he might not be intrested, or he might find himself in awkward positions, or anything like it. Just try to have some conversations and find out what he actually wants.

    I'm NOT saying this is it, but it's the way I typically would react too someone I USED to like, that have become rather unintresting

    • Awee I hope he's still interested :/

      I am trying to make convo but he isn't replying.

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he was interested and it would only be worse if he was more attentive after that text.

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