A guy I've been seeing says he has a blind date??!

so we aren't officially dating but we've been seeing each other about a month and a half. I see him once a week pretty much. we have had sex twice. before the first time, I told him I would like to wait until we are exclusive and dating seriously if that even happens. he told me that was fine and we didn't talk about it again. but we had sex a few days later. 2 weeks ago before we ever had sex he invited me to go out for his birthday which is this weekend. at the time he knew where we were going to eat and that his sister would come also. I agreed and never brought it up again. last time I saw him was a few days ago. I meant to bring up what were his plans for his birthday just slipped my mind and he didn't bring it up. so today I texted him "hey, do you still want me to go out with you for your birthday?" and he replies,"my sister has someone she wants me to meet apparently...so idk..." even though I highly dislike this I just said "have fun with that ha ha I know you told me about it a while back, but thanks for letting me know. just trying to plan out my weekend and I remembered" I was under the impression that we were somewhat exclusive since we had sex and knew the conditions I would do it under. I know he hasn't gone on a bunch of dates, but I know it could have happened. I have too, no one that really matters just guys that I was talking to before I met him and I go out with when I'm bored. I'm just kind of confused on why he would tell me he is being set up, I don't tell him about these other guys because I want him to think I like him the best and they don't matter. that's the truth. I plan on playing it cool but not trying to contact him until if and when he does. I definitely will not have sex with him again unless he is committed. lesson learned. it is very disappointing but I understand how this is a new relationship and this is not a huge deal. I'm just looking for some insight on the situation and what I should do now?


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  • yeah you put out too early , sme guys that age will do anything and I mean anything for sex , I don't think he was really looking for a serious relationship , I don't know why he would go on a blind date as he was allready seeing you , don't get the feeling he has a clue what he wants at the moment other than sex

    • he will be 25 on his birthday. I'm 23. maybe I just think differently, but I thought when I told him I wanted a serious relationship before sex he would either hold off or stop talking to me. I'm just kind of feeling like he used me. then for him to agree to go out with someone when we just had sex 2 days ago is a kind of d*** move. but maybe he feels like he can't get out of it, and he will keep talking to me so I don't want to make a big deal until I see what happens after...

    • i don't think the age difference is significant as the last few girls I've tried to date have been all at least 5 years younger than me . seemed to be meeting a lot of younger 19-20 year olds as I was going to a lot of bars and such and that's mostly the age of girls there I guess . anyways I don't think he really knows what he wants , safe to say he just wanted sex and not ready for a serious relationship

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