What could I message a guy on a dating site?

I think he's cute and we seem to have a lot of similar interests. I kinda want to start talking to him but I'm really shy and not sure what to say! :( there is also the option of "showing interest" in him which informs him that I am interested but I'm nervous he won't see it.


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  • I'm not sure why you would assume that he won't see your tag, but just say something short, like "Hi! What's up?" maybe followed by a smiley face or something. The first message you give him doesn't have to be anything long and drawn-out. If you feel like you must say something more, you could probably mention something about a similar interest that you guys share. Act casually and you'll be all right.


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  • well I would just message him saying "I see we have a lot in common, why don't we talk and see if we coincide in other things?" and then see where the conversation takes me

  • just message him like "your proflie is interesting want to talk?"