Long question about being a single mom and dating

I am a very proud, happy single mama to my beautiful son. I'm just a little confused right now, here's what's going on: My son is in swim lessons which I attend with him and his swim teacher is a young man about the same age as me I'm guessing. He always comes over and spends extra time with my son, uses him as an example for the other children and he always find some reason to come over and talk to me or help me out with something. He doesn't do this with any of the other parents, just me.Also during the lesson I catch him looking at me a lot. It's been a while since I've dated or ever considered flirting with or checking out a guy, so I'm thinking he's either into me or he thinks I am challenged or something and need extra help with my son lol Anyways I'm not looking to date for a couple years yet because my son is more important but I do find this guy attractive. It's not just his looks either, he is so kind and he is great with the children which is really heart warming to see but I understand as a single mother dating me would be a bit much for some men. I'm kind of torn though between my plan of staying single for a few more years and the attraction I feel with him. I am in no way trying to play games or toy with him, if he did ask me out I would let him know I am only looking for friendship right now but if he's still single in a few years it would be a yes. I guess I just wanted a guys perspective on this situation, like is he just being nice to me or is he interested? Also I should add I am quite pretty and physically fit if that matters.


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  • Not short answer for a single mom:

    Don't stay single!

    - Beeing single is a mental deformity in your age. It is very harmful to your belowed son!

    - If you still love your son's father you should merry him or to cure that love.

    - Love can be cured by love only.

    - Your beautiful son needs siblings.

    - There are not so many young men that would love you and like your son.

    - Our life is very short and be sure you will regret missing this swim teacher.

    Meet him, have a supper with him and you will know more about him and

    about yourself. Don't think about it too much in advance. If you are

    attracted to him you should come closer to him.

    Youd should live fully but not fooly. Your "plan of staying single for a few more years" seems me a imprudent way to cope with wounds and fears.

    To live is to love! But not sons only.


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  • I was a single mom of two for twenty years and trust me on this one. YOU also need some life of your own! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating but keeping it separate from your son until you're sure of a person. Do not cut your life off completely! And end up stressed out all the time with an upset son from seeing mom upset a lot. To when he grows up ending up alone with nothing. Your son is number one always but don't make the mistake of thinking YOU don't matter because you do. If you fall so does your son. If you have time out for yourself now and then, to be a normal female you will be energised, less stressed and resentful, you will cope much better in short. Go for it, keep it separate at least for now, enjoy yourself and be a calmer mommy. Good luck!