Is it harder to date as a man or a woman?

Which gender has it more difficult? Is it harder to be a man or a woman dating. I think personally each has it's benefits and drawbacks but I would think being a female is more difficult because so many guys are players or are insecure and needy. What are your thoughts?


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  • I think that each gender have difficulties but maybe girls because they can seem clingy.

  • as a woman if you like to be chased by guys

  • Sure, it's harder to get a man to commit and agree to the terms of a marriage contract than it is for a man to find a woman that's more than happy to jump right into that kind of legal relationship. That's because men usually earn more than women, and so marriage benefits women more than it benefits men. Plus, thanks to information technology, men are more aware of this and finding a guy that is open to getting married is about as common as finding a unicorn.

    But your question was specific to "dating." So, in terms of "dating," I think women have it much harder than men do. Think about what men and women are both afraid of when it comes to dating: getting used and taken advantage of. If both play it safe, they're filtering more good people out than they are preventing wrong people from coming in. So, both men and women have to expose themselves to the risk of being used if they want to find a good person.

    The problem is, when a guy gets used by a girl, he's lost some money, but he cuts his losses and moves on. When a girl gets used by a guy, she hasn't really "lost" anything by having sex, but she's lost her time. I know guys will argue that they lose their time too, but a girl's time is worth more than a guy's time. A girl's dating prospects go down the older and less attractive she gets, and to some guys, the more guy's she's had sex with. So, when a girl gets used, she's lost a part of her life that she can't ever get back again. She's suffered a huge opportunity cost by wasting her time with the wrong guy, and her dating prospects are permanently lower as a result.

    So, I think dating is harder for women.

    • This is a very intelligent answer. But persuading the opposite sex to date or have sex is definitely harder for men.

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    • So, if NO WOMAN IS INTERESTED IN YOU, that's not a reflection of the unfortunate fate of being born a man. That's just a consequence of the unfortunate fate of being born unattractive. If it were otherwise, humans wouldn't have survived this far.

    • Somewhat agree and with a few points mildly disagree. Great points made in these comments.

  • To get a date, men

    To get married, women

    That's why I'm heavily biased when it comes to women that have many marriages. Do you have any idea how hard it is to commit a man to marriage? She must of have been doing something right.

    • I actually do know how hard it is to make a woman to commit to marriage also. These days it is harder and harder to find a woman that wants marriage. I find plenty that want fun.

    • Eh, your experience not mine. Women are always ready to settle.

  • Guys probably have it harder in the beginning.


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  • No doubt - INFINITELY more difficult for men. No question.

  • Woman have it easier.

  • Getting dates or sex is harder for a man.

    Once you're dating or in a casual relationship, converting that to a serious relationship is harder for a woman. Converting a serious relationship to a marriage is harder for a woman.

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