Is it bad that I haven't heard from him in 3 days?

Yeah that's right 3 days not a text message in sight. Last time I heard from him was Monday and everything was fine. He gets on Facebook though :/ I just feel like he isn't interested anymore maybe I'm just over thinking a bit. I'm not sending him tons of texts though...since Monday I sent him one yesterday and one today didn't text him Tuesday. I'm just wondering what could be wrong. Should I just I just ask what's wrong?

Oh in case you were wondering we're just in the talking stage of our relationship.

Ok he texted back but was so brief :/ convo is already over! At least he texted back though


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  • Ha! I am actually in a very similar situation right now.

    He eagerly asked for my number after we talked briefly and then he sent me a message the same day. He's being so nice and all, but he takes 3-5 days to respond to my messages, haha. Weird thing is he seems very interested in his messages and tries hard to create a connection, yet for some reason feels the need to make me wait. Men! We're in the talking stage too and I'm not sure if we'll be more than just friends, not with such communication failure.

    I guess there could be two scenarios in both of our cases:

    1) He IS interested, but is playing the waiting game. He doesn't want to look too eager or desperate so he THINKS by responding late you'll understand that he has a rich life that isn't only about you. Some guys think that by being mysterious, he'll make you more interested in him. Other guys want to have some sort of control from an early stage in a relationship, so by controlling when, what and how to reply back makes him feel in control of you and of the future relationship with you. Other guys have played that game and actually worked with other girls, so he thinks why not use it with you? There are so many excuses people have in mind to justify their mind games.

    2) He IS NOT interested in you. He is talking to several girls or is keeping you hanging there if he's desperate for someone to talk to, sleep with or the like. He's putting you on emotional hold so that you keep thinking about him all the time. He doesn't really think of you. He will blow hot and cold just to keep you interested.

    I think what you have to do is stop sending more messages. He should reply. He saw your messages and he might be busy or might be playing games or whatever reason it is. It's not your problem. Just wait forever till he replies back. If you notice a pattern, then it's your choice to keep on talking or leave. Some people don't accept such major failure especially early on. It depends on you really. You can sure ask what's wrong but in a casual way even though I personally wouldn't do it unless we know each other better.

    It's pretty annoying. I can feel you, haha. :)

    • Thanks for your lengthy answer. Sucke yhwt we're both going through this right now. Yeah after today I think I'm done sending messages I don't want him to think I'm a crazy stalker :/

      hopefully both of them get back to us soon!

      And you're right it is annoying!

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    • No we sure can't :/

    • @ update: Don't text back. He has to make some effort in case he's interested.

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  • You should let him go back to you and text you. Stop sending him things he doesn't answer to, let the guy go after you instead of you going after him.

  • Well frankly guys are pretty easy, if they like you they keep in contact. If you're just an option they're not fussed if they contact you.