How to handle this weird situation with my ex?

I was dating this girl in Arizona during high school and then we both knew that once we started dating that she was going to move back to Illinois. See we both knew that long distance relationship was never going to work so she asked me if I moved with her and I did. At first everything was great, we never fought and the relationship never change. After a month of living there I got a job and she wasn't able to get a job so I supported her through almost 6 months. See I never mind because I knew she would do the same and I never cared much about money because I never really had it when I was younger.. Then we stated having problems almost a year later and she made me believe that we always saw each other but I don't understand. I worked six days a week. Then she told me there has been a guy texting her. Which she no longer found me attractive and at times never wanted me around. That was tough on me and I didn't know whst to do. Well instead of being sad and make things worse I tried very hard to make things back to what they were. Well before April, we got a car. See the thkng was that I didn't have a license and so it was put on her name. Hearing that I knew thr would be a mistake and of course with me luck it was. So in April I went to check what time it was on my girlfriend and saw this message that was really inappropriate like something like tying her up or something like that and she told me the story and said that it wasn't fair to me that she was texting him. At that time things were getting better. We went on a date and I thought everything was perfect she was telling me that she loved me and kissing me. Plus I notice she never text that guy. Well one day she told me that she has to drop me off by my work 6 hours before I go to work because she picked up a shift and she had work all day. Well the truth was she went to see him and kiss him. That crush my heart into a million pieces and she told me why things have been fine was because she was trying make me happy. Well I couldn't move back for a month so living with her was hard. Well see I don't know why I have moved out a month ago and I have still have feelings for her. We still text and I help her out with any financial problems that involves the car. But I don't know about this, we we have been talking more and been talking about hanging out when she comes visit. Well I'm not sure if she has feeling for me. Well I don't really know what my question is but I don't what to do about her. There's been time I thought about hanging with her and never could get her out my head but then I am upset because of what she did. Also while I was livig there we had a moment where we were playing around and holding hands. She asked that if I miss her and she misses me. Like should I try anymore or move on. See these last couple of weeks I have gone out of th way & help her. This isn't a normal situation. I'm not sure what I need help with but how should I handle this.

Also she's not asking left and right for money. I just want to know any advice with this, I know this is a normal situation. Should I tell her how I feel? But I don't want to try anymore unless I know for sure that she has feelings. I'm just lost and so confuse because this is always on my mind.


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  • mooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on man...she is using you and she is living her life and hands you her sh* as I said move on with your life you sound like a good man and good man will find a better lady

  • She's just using you for her own sake.