Does this sound like fwb? Sketchy? Should I get out?

So, I think I'm in a friends with benefits "relationship," but I'm not sure. I had the most fun date today. We went to ripley's believe it or not. It was our third date. Everything's been excellent. I'm just confused because he tells me things like he misses me and likes having me around. He texts me all the time. He keeps scheduling dates. Like, he doesn't mind being seen in public with me and spending money on me. We had sex today, and before I left I asked him if we were going to just be friend with benefits. He said, "I don't know. You kind of live far away. We'll see what happens. Are you having fun?" Wtf? I met him online and his profile said he was looking for a relationship. He told me he was interested in me because I seem to have myself together and I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. I mean, he knew I lived far away before he drove an hour to come meet me on our first date. Why would he meet me if I was too far away? Personally, the men that have been in my life rarely saw me when we "dated" or whatever. my last "boyfriend" didn't see me at all the month of December and lived 20 min away. the guy before that, I only saw once or twice a week. Me and this new guy both work and have our own transportation. Men really suck. Should I keep hanging out with him or move along to the next one?


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  • I think it depends what your looking for out of this?It seems to me you want a relationship and it would seem like to me it's a fwbs thing. From the outside it appears yo uand him are already a couple going out on dates,spending time, and having sex. But some of his comments were kind of weird like yo ulive to far away,let's see what happens,etc. I feel if your not comfortable where things are headed then date other guys. If yo udon't feel happy then leave him. He seems to be having fun and happy,etc. Also a lot of guys lie on their profiles.If they really put they are looking for sex or fwbs type of thing then girls would not respond to their profile. I think in the end you have to decide what is best for you.You cna either give him more time or try to date other guys.

    • Thanks. Sucks that they lie. I know so many women who would respond to profiles that say looking for fwb. I guess he wanted a "nice" girl. I do have a date tonight. We'll see how it goes...

    • Your very welcome.Yeah it does suck that people lie in their profiles. Another thing I experience is people making fake profiles or putting up old pictures which is just as bad. You can still date other guys while talking to him since your not official.I hope your new date goes well.Have fun.

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  • It's not an FWB at all.

    • Will you please elaborate? I mean, I told him I liked him, and he said "I'm glad for that lol." Then, he told me that he was very interested in me. He's an enigma.

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  • When he said he doesn't know, that's exactly what he meant. I think if he was sure about what type of relationship he wanted to have, he'd say it.

    My guess would be when he said you live far away is he meant "You live too far away to be an fwb/f*** buddy" since aren't those supposed to be readily available, meaning the people live near each other? So maybe he does want a real relationship and not just sex.

    I guess it's up to you and what you want with this guy.

    • Omg! You're so right! Thank you! You brightened my day!

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