Not into dating or interested in me. Anything wrong with me?

Long story short . I have been in relationships had tons of heartbreaks then I still didnot give up finding the one and met some legit a**holes who wanted to use me and some

Plain rejection. So now I completely gave up and focus on my self meanwhile I had real nice men ask me out and I just denied them straight up. They are very goodlooking and very funny and nice and I don't feel anything for them.. Not even them its just any guy I am just over that phase I wanted a good trustworthy guy but now I don't even care..what can I do? My desire for men are dead


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  • After all the negative experience, it sounds to me like taking some time for yourself would be a great thing. Forget relationships for a while and focus on you; this can help you figure out what you really want in another. When you're feeling ready to date again, you'll have a much better eye for what you're looking for. Or, if you never do feel like dating again, there really is nothing wrong with staying single. People make it sound like such a horrible thing to be alone but there is just as much good in the single life as their is in the relationship life.

    • Yeah I am starting to enjoy single life and I see my frds who are not single first I used to envy them now I don't care anymore lol

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  • It seems that he's into you.

  • Trust me, no real true guy would want a shallow girl like you. Your better off with the a**holes who uses you or by yourself!

    • How am I shallow? I think you missed the point here.. I said they are good-looking because that's what most girls go for and I did not because I want the real deal as in who has an inner beauty which comes with much love and loyalty..looks don't matter to me as long as you are a nice person at heart..anyways I haven't found one that is real so have no desire in pursuing any

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    • What makes her shallow? That seems uncalled for.

    • The fact that she will not walk up to a guy that she knows likes her, and tries to get to know him!

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