I really want to kiss her but...

Me and this girl have known each other for a few months now but went on our first date about a week ago. We are going on another one tomorrow night and I really want to kiss her. I know she's interested in me and we talk everyday I just feel like if I don't do it she will feel that she has done something wrong or that I'm not attracted to her. We are you g to see a movie together and then I'll probably drop her off at home or we'll go for a small walk after. When should I kiss her? During the walk maybe? On her doorstep? I don't know what to do... Please help


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  • You should just go for it.

  • "I just feel like if I don't do it she will feel that she has done something wrong or that I'm not attracted to her."

    You're correct. If you don't even try, she will think something is wrong and she will probably blame herself as much as you.

    "When should I kiss her? "

    I would say the next time you see her - at the very start of the date. Take a second to look her up and down as if you're really drinking in the look of her, and then tell her she looks amazing. Then pull her in close to you, and kiss her. It doesn't have to be a knee-trembler, but don't make it a peck. Then put her arm in yours and walk together to the movie. Kiss her several times during the date. And at the end of the date - that's when you give her the knee-trembler. Make her toes curl.

    • Don't you find it a little forward to kiss her at the beginning of the date tho? I feel like that would just set a bit of an awkward tone for the rest of the date. Neither of us are really romantics of any sort, both pretty shy and a bit awkward :P we are just starting to get more comfortable around each other so I think any kiss would be a "knee trembler". I just want to give her one and let her decide what she thinks after that. Itl let her know how I feel and then I can give her time to respon

    • I can tell from your user name, that you're one of those spineless "nice" guys.

      Let me tell you, the "jerks" that you see who are always getting the girls? They aren't second guessing themselves over whether a kiss is a little forward.

      She can be shy. You're supposed to be the man. Take the lead and stop being shy.

    • Lol I'm sure my username writes novels about who I am... I am nice yes, spineless no. Just because I respect the fact that not every woman wants a guy to force himself upon her doesn't mean I'm "spineless". If anyone, it'd be the jerks who are. I care about people, sorry if you don't. You must get thousands of women, that's probably why you're on here right? You're so brave and forward with women that I'm sure they just fall over you. Don't talk about being a man when you write annonymously.