What are the do and don't for a girl in a first date??

Hi guys and girls,

so the question above said it all, what do you think?



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  • Do's:

    - Handle the conversations.. we see shy girls as a challenge but we also seek to succeed in the challenge instead of struggling forever

    Talk about your hobbies, your interests, about light stuff

    - Have good manners.. it's kind of obvious, especially for a girl but now I see more and more females with terrible manners, you need to make a good impression!

    - Feel relaxed and at ease.. dates are meant to be fun, to get to know the other person better, it's not a job interview

    - Dress-up, be pretty and smile >;) femininity is grace - so embrace it!

    - after the first date:

    When / If you're asked for the next date but if you're busy for the day he chose - tell when you're free and suggest to re-schedule the next date then, if you want it to continue


    Don't 's:

    - Texting / being glued to the phone - it's plain rude, just turn it off or better throw it away / leave it at home

    - Treating the staff bad - someone who treats her date good but everyone else bad is not a good person at.all!

    - Speaking while chewing food at the same time.. that's kind of obvious

    - Interrupting the other person

    - Talking about ANY of these topics: religion / politics / sex / marriage / children / abortion / exes / money / insecurities / your life story / anything sensitive or taboo

    - after the first date:

    Arguing about paying - if he insists to pay, let him - otherwise split it in half

    Having sex - just never EVER do it, even if he's your Prince Charming on a white horse


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  • The do is to give all the guy your interest and compliment him a lot.

    Donts is acting very uninterested

  • 1. Do show your interest in the guy (if you are actually interested in him). If you compliment him on his looks, touch him, laugh at his jokes, he'll get the idea.

    2. Do make it clear you want to see him again (if you do want to). But don't act clingy.

    3. Do put effort into your appearance. You dpn't have to spend hours preparing, but it should be obvious that you put in some effort. That's important because it shows him that you take pride in yourself and that you care about what he thinks.

    4. Do offer to pay your half. But fold instantly when he says he'll pay for you.

    • very interesting , thank you :)

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  • dont talk about your exes

    try to get to know him and find things that you have in common

    dont ask the regular boring questions like "what do you do?" ask him things that actually let you get to know him like "what would you do with your life if money was not a problem?" things like that because they let you get to know his personal values

    try to flirt with him and be totally honest about yourself

    dont overshare things

    you can tell him that you can help with money like for the tip or something like that

    • interesting , thank you :)

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