We just met. Should i bring her to a wedding as a date?

My cousin and I grew up together playing games and all that good stuff and now he is getting married. He lives in New York and I live in GA now. He is having a wedding on Aug 1. He gave me 2 invites to the wedding. One for my sister and another for myself. My sister, however, said she can't make it. So I have an extra one now and I want to put it to good use. I am thinking to ask this girl I just met. (How I met her) ==> link

Would it be weird if I asked her to fly from GA with me to NY for a wedding for someone she doesn't not know, I mean she barely even knows me. haha!

Or should I just go alone. It is either way for myself. I just thought it would be something sweet to do.

I guess I have high hopes with this girl. and quite optimistic we have talked and text-ed quite a bit and it has all gone well.

(to previous question for more insight) ==> link


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  • To be honest... its too far fetched and weird since you two aren't a couple yet. it could actually be detrimental to the potential future relationship. However, you could talk about the wedding with her, see her reaction and if she proposes to come with you... that would be a different story. However don't push it and don't ask her to come with you. Its too premature.


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  • Yes, that's a good way if she can see you for the long term as well

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