What exactly are his intentions?

For some odd reason, the guy I'm dating seems to believe I work out. In fact, he seems to have an image of me built rather quickly (that I don't really agree with, but what to do) and sometimes says surprise things.

He thinks I have a 6 pack. I mean, how many women have one, what are the odds? I'm actually a bit fat and the more he insists, the more I don't wanna show it to him!

He's not fit, but is working on it, on a diet and all.

Am I right to think this guy is obsessed with looks and will drop me like a hot potato when/ if he wakes up and gets to see I'm actually chubby?

We're dating like for 3 weeks, what possible good reasons could there be for this topic to come up?


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  • 3 weeks and the man has never seen you? Your projection is likely.

    • Oh, and his intentions are impure. I feel it my bones.

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    • I mean there's nothing wrong with not handling things well, or having your quirks when it comes to communication, but people either learn to get along or throw tantrums and quit. Those that quit easily aren't ever going to get along with you at the core no matter what you change. Same goes for you though, it's both ways, if you can't reach them don't hope to, and perhaps even if they are right for you then you are not right for them. Happens more often than not. Whatever the case he's dumb. :p

    • Haha, you're younger than me, but definitely wiser!

      I also liked what you said about honest and dishonest people. I always thought that if you're honest, accepting and willing, you can get along with pretty much anyone. At least friendship. Many or even most people don't seem to think so though.

      So I guess you're an honest guy. Thanks so much!

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  • If you haven't already done it yet, you have to make it clear to him that you're still working on your ideal self-image and that he's building up some unrealistic expectations of you.

    • I never had a 6 pack, not even when I did gymnastics!

      The difficult part about telling him is his reaction. He's not the first one thinking I'm all muscles.

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    • I'm just trying to give you a down-to-earth realistic point of view, but make no mistake though, just because sex is something that's on our minds doesn't necessarily mean we're bad guys. It's just in our nature... it's what makes us men part of the human race. If you feel this guy is a good guy, then you know what, he's a good guy and he'll like you for who you are and respect you even if down the line the idea of sex comes up. If it doesn't, then you'll have to start questioning about him...

    • I felt this was a good guy, but I was wrong...

      Anyhow, I have brothers and guy friends, I like to think good guys who aren't players are out there somewhere, even if I never get to meet them in a romantic scenario, haha

      Liking people for who they are, another minority, but let's keep believing =D

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  • to me it seems he is but you have to make him realize what you really look like if he is that confused about that

    • In a way I suppose he's teasing me to make me undress or something, but I think he's serious!

      I wish I was just my regular self around him and not this shy awkward girl. Things would have been cleared up a long time ago.