Finally kissing a girl you're crazy about?

My closest guy friend has been crazy about me for a while. (We're not together because of faith differences). But the other night we were watching a movie and after I could tell he wanted to for the longest time, I finally let him kiss me. We've talked since and hung out but neither of us have brought it up.

When you finally kiss a girl you've been crazy about does that make you hooked or is it more of an achievement?

  • Kisses make us hooked (if we really like you)
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  • They're a goal for us until we reach it
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  • They like you as much as they did before
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he was more quiet than usually though and it seemed awkward. but it may have been in my head


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What Guys Said 1

  • It definitely makes us want more. After I kiss a girl I'm crazy about I kind of just sit in my bed that night and keep thinking about her and the kiss and trying to remember what her lips felt like and how she tasted and I think that means I get 'hooked'.

    If you're trying to keep a guy 'hooked' then you should keep letting him kiss you, but eventually he's gonna want to go father. What my girlfriend did that drove me mad, but kept me still coming back, was when we had only made out, any time I tried to go any farther she would stop me. She would say something like 'Not yet." to let me know that I had to be patient and that I was gonna have to work for it. I hated it but she pretty much had me hooked with total control over me.


What Girls Said 1

  • Lol do you even like him though caz leading him on is messed up

    • Yeah I do. And I wouldn't ever intentionally lead him on or allow him to if I didn't feel it.