Should I text my boyfriend??

We got back together two days ago, and we're still very much on the rocky side of things, we still have to talk about our issues. I know texting isn't a big deal, but HE really needs to work for my trust again so I don't know if I should wait till he texts me. It's been two days, should I text him or wait for him to get to me?


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  • Make him work for it and wait to see how long it takes him.


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  • So because you feel he needs to work on your trust you don't think you need to work on things? If the effort in the relationship will be from his side only (because you feel he should do all the work) I can promise you another break up within weeks.

    So put your pride aside and do some effort too, you're both in this relationship so you both should work on it. So I suggest text him and talk about the issues asap.

    • Thing is he's the one who hurt me and he's the one whos kinda unsure of himself (or he was). I was always affectionate and working hard for him and he was always pulling away... so I don't know if I should text him or let him totaly come to me?

    • Text him. It's not because he hurt you that you shouldn't work on this second shot of the relationship.