How to make a first date a first date.

so I was waiting on a response from a girl I just met. I only go her face book so I messaged her there. it took 3 days for her to respond. is this good or bad? I said it was nice meeting her and asked if she wanted to go catch a movie sometime. her response "for shoo, we can hang out". I'm going to wait a couple days b4 responding. how can I make this a date? any advice? Haven't been on a first date in a while...


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  • maybe she was busy/away therefore couldn't answer you earlier?

    if someone who had invited me to the cinema, would wait with answering, I would start thinking that he has changed her mind and no longer wants to go out with me. So reply her now. Offer the films/places so that she could choose.

    Going to the cinema is great, but make sure you have a drink afterward so that you could actually talk to each other.

    Good luck :)


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