What is with some guys and wanting to have kids so young

As a girl, I typically hear this from other girls. You know, some of us talk about how many kids we want, their genders, baby names, etc etc. So hearing this from a guy (not in details like I mentioned) is kinda unusual. Not necessarily bad, but different.

I know some guys bs about it, to try to make a girl feel special, but I've met and dated a few guys who were like this. And when they would seriously continously talk about it. I woudln't even have sex with my last boyfriend because he talked about it too much. He refused to use protection because he wanted a baby. by the way, we didn't date long. Like I'm flattered that someone would want to have a baby with me, but its mind blowing and kinda scary.


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  • if you feel that way that's you, some guys just want kids and a family, they might be trying to fill a gap in there life or somtheing along those lines. every one is different.

    • But at the age of 18-22?

    • where I am from 20-24 is normal, on the other side of canada 30-35 is normal, but b.c is just a weird place somtimes, in my mind the younger the more energy you have to be a better parent. but hear you also marry young. some right out of high school.

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