Is he interested in me or not?

I've met a guy, we were on 2 dates (in my opinion great ones), both of them were inititated by him. At the end of the last one he suggested the next one. After the date, the same day he wrote that it was a nice meeting. One week later he wrote about meeting next weekend (but without any details). I replied that OK, we can meet then. And then Friday came and no sign from him, and so the whole weekend- he hadn't written anything...On Monday I wrote to him how is he going, etc- nice short message without mentioning a meeting at all. He replied nearly at once that everything is OK, he has a stressful time at work- he was nice but he told nothing about that meeting..And it was our last contact since 3 weeks..he did nothing since then, we hadn't seen each other. I don't know what to do (or maybe there's nothing I can do)...I can add that I really really liked him and I am ready to fight a bit for this relationship, but on the other hand I don't want to exagerrate and risk if there's no chance that he is interested in me..I have also noticed that he is shy in reality, while by texting he seems rather self-confident and proud. What would you advice me to do?

I've asked him out, he answered that he would be happy to meet again with me. He said he can't meet next weekend, so we set a meeting on the next one. Yesterday he wrote to me (we met on a dating site) that he's deleting his profile here and that I now can contact with him through phone or emails. I know he had a profile on one another dating site, and it was also deleted. Is this possible that he has a girlfriend now and he treats me only like a friend or even not really want to meet with me ?


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  • ask him out one last time, and see what his answer is.

    • on update: maybe he just didn't like the experience of the dating site and wanted to cancel? Stop over-thinking...

    • Ok, I will try maybe I exagerrate this whole thing because I am really fond of him..thanks

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  • you should ask him out

  • I would say that he's into you. His interest is quite glowing.


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