What kind of treatment do pretty but fat girls get in dating? do guys like them or not?

i wonder this sometimes. I'm not fat, I'm average. but I've seen some really pretty fat girls and I hear everyone online and sometimes in real life saying that fat girls are ugly and unattractive. I'm not attracted to women, but I think some fat girls look really good - and I do mean fat, not just 20 lbs overweight or something. I guess I know one case close to me - one of my good friends is fat. she's heavier than she looks I think and she is so pretty. people compliment her beauty all the time but guys usually don't ask her out. and she's also really smart. does this happen all the time - pretty, smart, but fat girls are still left in the dust? I feel for them sometimes. but usually I'm just curious because some of them are just so pretty. and the confidence they have as bigger girls, I don't think I could have. I barely have much confidence as it is at my size.

so guys how do you feel - are they still in the "no fat chicks allowed" category or not?

girls do you notice them dating more or less ?


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  • depends on how fat they really are. I don't mind a little chub but there's a limit


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  • Pretty but fat girls is a self-contradictory statement. No fat girl is pretty link

  • Honestly, I don't like them at all, but those fat girls have some chance because a minority still want to be with them


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  • If they do have problem and refuse to see a person behind a mere weight, forget it... do you really want to be with someone so stupid?