Would you counsel your friend against dating/marrying an American woman? From what countries?

My buddy is an awesome guy and we have been playing football for years on a team together. He has only ever dated American girls and I have been the one to put them in their place. His most recent girlfriend treats him badly in private and in the last couple of months, started to smack him and yell at him even when he's out with us. He even flinches when she makes sudden movements.

I would like to show him how it feels to be treated like a man. And foreign women will do this for him. I told him that dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up Ford Escort. If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or Ferrari. You need to at least test-drive a Ferrari, so you'll have a reference point on what a real car feels like.

Here are some of the FACTS that I gave him:

American women..

- highest maintenance (I've never heard of a foreign bride demanding her husband buy expensive house & cars)

- fattest in the world

- most likely to cheat

- highest rate of divorce (60% - US-US marriages; 20% - US-foreign marriages)

- largest payout in divorce court (you'll be ass-raped for everything you earned, plus most of what you will earn for years to come)

- bitchiest

- most likely to nag constantly

- most likely to believe in feminism and "equality"

- most likely to hate men

- spend least amount of time with her children

- worst at cooking and cleaning

- f***ed & chucked by tons of guys before tricking you into marriage

He told her not to hit him any more even though he's not afraid of her since he's a 200Lb linebacker and she's a 120 pound sh*t-disturber. He's now considering breaking up with her and giving foreign women a go.

My suggestions to him are Asian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Phillipino.. any others come to mind?

  • Continue dating the worlds worst females - American women.
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  • Go for the Eastern Europeans
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  • Try Asian like Phillipinas, Indians, etc.
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  • Try ANY women EXCEPT American women
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btw, he has dated tonnes of American women and completely agrees with those facts about American women
Are you aware of what a fallacy is? Let me tell you about this lovely little fallacy known as ad hominem. That is an argument which focuses solely on insulting the target, rather than actually challenging their argument. That's exactly what some of you are currently doing.


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  • I'd advise him to avoid marriage altogether.

    "Friends don't let friends get married."


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  • Maybe he should consider a mail order bride service. They find beautiful girls who will be more than happy to find a man who doesn't beat them, and can actually provide them with some clean water and something more substantial than old bread crumbs for food. The girls are fully vaccinated, and come with a pre-installed micro-chip for tracking purposes. They're all fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, and the only English they speak is "dirty talk." You can also order a shock collar for each time they try to use the phone, the Internet, or try to open up the window or leave the house; just pay separate shipping and handling.

    Is that what you had in mind? An organic sex toy for your penis? Because I think it's clear that you clearly don't want a partner or a relationship with a human being.

    • Actually, beauty and brains are the norm in women from Russia, Europe and China. In the US, women with beauty and brains are a rare exception, for there is an inverse relationship between brains and beauty there. In contrast, in Russia and Europe, women are far more intellectual, cultured, broad-minded and have a wider range of interests. Thus, you can find women with beauty and brains everywhere there, even among young girls in their 20's.

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    • How is this question not removed or banned already?

    • Sometimes it's best to let people dig their own holes :-P haha!

  • What nationality are you? You seem so charming!

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    • @update: are you aware of what hypocrisy is? Or irony? There is no argument to challenge. All you have done is insult an entire nationality, and then you bitch, piss, and moan because those same people are better at insulting you than you are at insulting them. You came to a gunfight armed with a toothpick, son. That's YOUR stupidity, not ours. But that's okay, little cowpoke. Maybe someday you'll learn not to come to a battle of wits so woefully unarmed. Today, however, is not that day.

    • Too bad the poll above doesn't agree with you. 11 out of 13 guys who voted agreed with me. And when you combine the sexes, 13/16 agree with me. It's understandable that American girls do not like the facts of the matter when they make them seem like the worst, useless women on the planet. Did you really think that I expected my question to garner much support from American skanks?

  • How about trying not to categorise someone based on what country they're from. I can't believe in this day and age people can be so closed-minded t think that everyone from a single country are all the same.

    • They're not all the same. However, there are major cultural differences between American women and ones from more refined and feminine cultures. Why would I drive a used, beat up Ford when I can ride a Honda.

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    • If they're not all the same, why don't you just let him look for a nice girl in America? Out of interest, when you say "feminine cultures" what exactly are you looking for in a woman?

    • I know, but your analogy was a terrible one. That analogy that expresses possession and use equals worthiness. It's completely degrading. We are people. We are not objects. You don't see women degrading men over how many places they stuck their d*** into. With men, it's like licking a hotdog and putting it back on the shelf. Can't see the damage/ bacteria but its there. Nasty.

      Also, in your retort, "my dear". 1) I'm not yours. So do not use a pronoun that expresses "ownership".

  • Just because your friend can score American chicks and you can't doesn't mean you have to show your jealousy so blatantly. I don't know why American girls wouldn't like you, you're so charming and you seem so intelligent! Have fun dying alone moron.

    • That's quite an assumption. In fact, I've dated pretty much only American girls, or at least girls that have grown up in America. Only once I dated a Ukrainian girl did I start questioning my choices. Now I date quality girls while being fwb's with American chicks. They ARE good for something, ya know.

    • That is quite a load of sh*t. Stop lying to yourself buddy. It's okay to be jealous. But don't try to bring down your friend with you.

  • Lets be real for you a woman has to be submissive American woman know who they are what they want and their worth this is a treat to you and you buddy has to keep looking and he will find a good woman American or not

    • I thought women IN GENERAL tend to be the submissive ones in the relationship?

  • I don't think this word 'fact' means what you think it means.

  • no, because sometimes people are the exception

  • I highly doubt you have any friends.

  • Oh God. This is one of the most sexist things I've ever read. It's also completely untrue. You don't have to leave the country in order to find a good match. But if he happens to meet someone else from elsewhere, then good for him.

    What he's terrible at is picking women that will treat him with respect. However why are you even getting involved to this extent? He's your friend but you shouldn't disrespect women and "put them in their place". Like what the f***? It's 2013. Women aren't your servants.

    Maybe cut the sexist bullsh*t out and help him focus on finding a woman with similar interests. Get out and do something productive with your lives. THATS how you find good women (and men).

  • Can't say I'd ever tell a friend that. Are you sure you didn't mean to write American men instead of women when it comes to your fact list? I'm not American, happen to be European and if we're talking in general terms like you obviously are, trust me, I'm not going near an American guy. Fat, lazy, whiny bunch of wimps (just borrowing your generalizations there). But then again, I happen to have an open mind and don't rule out people by their nationality. Because I've met all sorts of guys and some of them are really awesome and some of them you couldn't pay me to date.The way you're sounding, no woman, American or otherwise is going to want to be with you.

    These kinds of questions make me laugh... you're assuming that non-American women would want you or your friend. Your money, sure. But you, if you're that bitter and into generalizing to that extreme, I'm going with no.

  • Posts like these make me laugh so hard that I end up vomiting.

    "Oh yeah, American women are the scum of the Earth!" Bahahahaha!

    Whatever, dude. Haha!

    I guess as an American woman, I should just give up too, since all men hate me, huh?

    No wonder I'm single, it's because I'm American... ah! You've solved the mystery!


    And seriously, you should probably look up the word -fact- in the dictionary.

    You should be the poster boy for mail order bride services... or maybe for those Real Dolls. You'd be good at that.

    • don't even bother, some guys like stroking their own ego and self-created notion of being "right" more than they like stroking their d**k.

    • @QA - you get what you give :-)

      @bratbunny - Oh I know, haha!

    • @bratbunny: Classic comment!

  • American women can also be good, I would only advice my friends to not marry somebody if that person was harmful for them

  • No, I'd never advise someone to date or not date someone based solely on what country their from.

    And that list is laughable and clearly only posted to piss people off.

    I'm so sick of hearing this kind of bullsh*t rhetoric.

    • How cute! You're upset because only the morons are agreeing with you. The reason arguing with you is fruitless is because you disguise biases as facts. People like you will never accept that fact, so we don't even bother anymore. For example, using divorce rates as an example to show how bad WOMEN are is just plain stupid, since it takes TWO people to end a marriage. Only a moron would say divorce is always a woman's fault. I doubt you live in America, or even know any American women.

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  • American woman, stay away from me

    American woman, mama let me be

    Don't come hangin' around my door

    I don't wanna see your face no more

    I got more important things to do

    Than spend my time growin' old with you

    Now woman, I said stay away

    American woman, listen what I say

    American woman, get away from me

    American woman, mama let me be

    Don't come knockin' around my door

    Don't wanna see your shadow no more

    Colored lights can hypnotize

    Sparkle someone else's eyes

    Now woman, I said get away

    American woman, listen what I say

    American woman, said get away

    American woman, listen what I say

    Don't come hangin' around my door

    Don't wanna see your face no more

    I don't need your war machines

    I don't need your ghetto scenes

    Colored lights can hypnotize

    Sparkle someone else's eyes

    Now woman, get away from me

    American woman, mama let me be

    Go, gotta get away, gotta get away

    Now go, go, go, I'm gonna leave you, woman

    Gonna leave you, woman

    Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye

    You're no good for me

    I'm no good for you

    Gonna look you right in the eye

    Tell you what I'm gonna do

    You know I'm gonna leave

    You know I'm gonna go

    You know I'm gonna leave

    You know I'm gonna go, woman

    I'm gonna leave you, woman

    Goodbye, American woman

    I just felt this was necessary :P


  • Yeah please stay away from our women (American) I think I speak for all Americans when I say, I wouldn't want our women to be breeding with you or your shallow friend.

    You sound bitter, I sense that you probably got dumped by an American woman and somehow you think venting your anger online is a good idea.

    So yeah if you talk or act like that, stay away from our women..

    • I love this answer.

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    • There you go again. Unable to actually form an argument but still try to hurl insults towards someone you don't know or haven't seen. You probably do your research by watching YouTube videos instead of reading research articles.

    • It might be good if QA stayed away from women in general

  • I would...

    and ironically, all of my friends who have married American women are now divorced. But the guys who have married Asian women are still married. So your facts are certainly true.

  • Dude, your buddy should ditch the gal he's with right now, since she sounds like a demanding, high-maintenance individual who will eventually figure out the errors of her ways and hopefully change (later in life) or stay the way she is and probably end up alone.

    Telling your friend to look into foreign women, especially Eastern European/Asian gals, is a good idea! Tell him to travel to Eastern Europe and a couple of Asian countries to meet the gals from there, see how he likes them! I would suggest to my friend to date women from those places, since I've met many from those countries, like Japan, China, Russia, etc. I met a couple of Japanese and Chinese girls in my college youth group, InterVarsity, and they were some of the sweetest, most genuine and coolest girls I've ever met! Many American women I've come across aren't as awesome as they are! I would date THOSE girls from my youth group and ignore many American girls I've met.

    I have met some pretty sweet American women, though, but they're kind of hard for me to find these days. I do believe that American women tend to have pretty high expectations, and plenty of good men can't pass their expectations. I know all American women aren't that way, but many are. So suggest to your buddy to try dating women who are non-Western and visit their countries!

    Good luck, try to keep us updated, if possible! I apologize if my thoughts seem random; I sometimes get random...

  • sounds like you should be the one dating him instead! you sound like a lovely couple together...BAHAHAHA

  • Yup, American girls are stuck up bitches.

  • Your my hero.

  • Am sure not are all are akin to driving a beat up Ford Escort :) Some are worse :D

    Anyway sorry to burst your bubble, but many of those foreign beaus you are recommending are only interested in a US Green Card and some US Greenbacks, they will ditch you even faster than a Ford Escort could go if they find out you can't provide either of those.

  • I doubt that you can get any girl.. I also doubt that you have friends

    • Usually such feeble attempts at unsubstantiated insults towards a person you know nothing about come from women. Try to use your brain to think about the argument I have made. Do some research. Go out there and see the rest of the world. And most of all, quit being a beta-orbiter.

    • Yep now I'm 100% sure about you not being able to get a girl, that and I have a feeling that you are a virgin.

    • this answerer is mad and bad, and should feel bad for being mad. because American women are slutty and just awful.

  • For sex no competition with Americans but for marriage Asians and Indians are best as they tend to stick with their partners,don't cheat and also they are easy to afford.

  • You'll be happy to find a woman of any nationality who still wants you after reading this question.

  • What about latin Americans? Brazilians and Argentinians in particular?

  • Whoever works for you is what you should go for. If they happen to be Asian or Polish or American, go for it.

    Can you really say with a straight face that those are facts? Yeah, some of it seems to be true if you're generalizing, but they are not the only girls to be done by a bunch of guys. Lots of people from other countries call us prudish, so I'd hate to see what those women are doing. That goes hand in hand with cheating. I don't think they are the only ones to be believe in female dominance disguised as "equality" either. I remember hearing Keira Knightley say that western women have a long way to go as far as that goes. She's not American.

    Anyway, what I'm getting at is that not all American women are like that. Some of them are actually feminine. Might be a lower average than other cultures, but...

    Non American women usually aren't that much different.

    • Of course, I'm generalizing. Without generality, we cannot make useful assertions about anything. But these generalizations are valid given the statistics and the facts. Women find it hard to swallow facts. But most men are able to think a lot more logically.

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