How to balance time away from significant other?

I've been away from my boyfriend for a week, 3 more weeks to go. So far it's been hard on me. I'm visiting my dad, sister and other family but I think about him a lot… like I don't want him to feel ignored or unwanted but I think it would be good to got 3 days without talking to him so I could really immerse myself in the visit and properly enjoy myself instead of feeling bad about being away and hoping he knows I still care about him. However, I know he would feel unloved. We have texted every day but one, even though they are just small updates, and we've talked on the phone once and Skyped once. When we Skyped, it didn't work because my video wouldn't connect and I could tell he was pretty upset and slightly annoyed by that. It wasn't my fault though. So I sent him a small video message after but he hasn't seen it yet. What should I do?


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  • What about set up a "daily date" If you can put aside 20 minutes in your schedule, same time, everyday just to concentrate on him, then he should be satisfied with that, and you can have the rest of the day to your family. Its all about compromise