He didn't kiss me goodbye, but he sends me kisses when we message. What does that mean?

A guy and I were going to go to a movie. He picked me up and we had extra time so we went to the park. We talked and flirted and he gave me a piggy back ride back to his car. We went to the movie and cuddled, we didn't Do anything sexual, he drove me home and when he walked me to my Door he didn't kiss me. And we recurred right after and he kept sending me smiley faces. Now he's on vacation and when we message he tells me he misses me and sends me kisses and flirts a lot. Did he want to kiss me or is he just being flirty?


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  • I would believe that since he continues to talk to you after the date, especially saying that he misses you, that he likes you. When he dropped you off, did he act like he was anxious? Did he look like was going to kiss you? He could have just been extremely nervous about it and/or not ready.

    Give him some more time, maybe that will help ease any jitters, if they exist. Or if things continue to go well between you and he still hasn't kissed you, you could always be the one to kiss him first.

  • I think he likes you and its both. he might regret not kissing you when he could