How do I know if he's interested?

I went out with my friend one night & met her cute friend, he told her I was cute. So I added him on Facebook & he messaged me first so we started talking a little & I invited him to a movie with our friend & her boyfriend & he accepted & also gave me his number. So we started texting, we went to the movie & he didn't try any physical contact whatsoever. I took as maybe he was nervous or something, but the texting then slowed down & I did end up meeting him out the next night also, we were drinking & I get a little touchy when I drink but not trying to kiss him or anything. We had a lot of fun & great conversation, he invited me out next weekend. But he was still kind of stand offish so I decided I needed to back off & wait for him to make the next move. The next day he texted me non stop which was nice. But then the day after nothing, I can't figure him out.


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  • He's probably doing the same thing you are doing.. testing/figuring it all out. When a guy doesn't make a quick move on you, it's a great sign. It means he's respecting you as a person. Give it some time. It shouldn't be a daily thing. It should be a weekly thing.

    • Thank you! That makes me feel a lot better :)