What kind of guy is this?

1. Says he loves me after 2.5 years but begins to date other women. When I ask him if he's seeing another he says no. . Meets two other women online but says he's only talking to them. 3. When woman # 3, whom he met online but actually met once gives him an ultimatum to discontinue with the first friend he was planning to see, he becomes so confused that he cries & confesses it all to me.


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  • He is the kind you need to run from and fast!

    • Thanks for your response. Well he dumped me for "ultimatum" told me he'd always love me, he's never loved any woman as much as me but that we needed to move on but he'd always be available if I ever needed to talk. Offered not to contact me fora while..to help.."me" move on! He added regretting not being able to see the body I've been working so hard for. Two weeks ago I emailed 8 emails in anger basically saying he'd never see or feel my body again.

    • You are welcome.. Be glad he spared you a whole bunch of drama. Thanks for the pick :)

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  • hes just a player.

  • What kind of guy do you THINK it is?

    I think you already know the answer to this.

    • We were in a relationship for over 2 years. Distance was a factor but we talked every day & said I love you every day. He came to visit me . He became close to my daughter & sent her gifts & cards when he sent me them. He says he still loves me yet he's decided to move on. I'm working through the pain. Sunday I sent him an email saying " I'm sorry for what I wrote in the other emails I sent you, I was hurt, I forgive you now" Last night he replied via email " Thank You, I'm sorry I hurt you".

    • Well,there's your answer.

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