How awkward would it be to text her?

Theres this girl that I kinda like.

Anyways, we've "known" each other for a a few years and we've talked and text a bit a while back and we Haven't said anything at all in the past while even though we see each other quite a bit.

My last text has gone unanswered and I was just wondering if it would be awkward to just text her, say hi and ask how its going?

Is there something better I should say?

So I just texted her saying

Hey! :p hows it going

and after 5 hours, she replied saying

hey what's up...

now I don't know what would be the best thing to say lawl

its funny how I am so talkative around my friends but put a girl in front of me and I turn into raj koothrapali lawl
And I ended up texting her. She took a long time to respond but the conversation was going okay.

Eventually, we were talking about how exams were almost done and I asked if she had any plans after the exams and now, she hasn't replied at all.

Bad sign?


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  • text her but try to get a date, you can't rely on texts to get the girl

    • well yea... but we haven't really talked in a while..

      the only interactions we've had lately are:

      1. She inititated a conversation with me last month at our lockers but that was about a test we had and lasted about 15 seconds before we were interupted

      2. I got a sibling request on Facebook from her a little while back

      3. me asking her a few questions about homework.

      I just really want to start a conversation and not think about anything more at the moment.

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  • try to tlak to her face to face so you can see how she reacts to waht you say, flirt and try to ask her out

  • if you think you can deal with going to the point and just asking her out say, I want to see this movie (go to the zoo, go see this show, etc) and I though tit would be great for you to come with me. or do it indirectly like, hey want to hang out this weekend?

    • well, what I really want to know is whether doing this would be a little awkward...

  • Oh, honey... just, put your self out of your own misery. She obviously has no intentions of being with you... you seem like a nice boy, go find yourself a nice girl and stop waisting all your precisous time on some passer-buyer. If she doesn't want to try than good for her, its her loss. Not yours.


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  • I like to stop chatig her when this happens. it makes me so angry. Its like the hard to get game but you don't know if its the game or you anoy her. do you meet her in person? its better

    • Yes we do meet in person. Quite often actually.

    • then only text her to get out with her. looks like she doesn't like to text

  • It's not awkward at all.

    She replied so it's a good sign that she's into you