Was my Ex girlfriend just playing with me or did she really like me? I don't know what to think?

My Ex girlfriend and I were friends for a couple of years and then we dated for a few months early in the year. When we were dating we would hang out a lot and we told each other that we wanted to get married to each other someday. I would spend time with her and her family and thing seemed like they were going pretty well. I can honestly say we didn't argue the whole time we were dating. One day my girlfriend got home late from a date and her dad told us that we should just be friends for a while. So we had to break up. During this time she found another guy to date and she hung out with him most of the time. I would talk to her, but eventually her new boyfriend convinced her not to, because he didn't like me. So she ignored me for about a year. She didn't talk to me again until around Christmas and January of next year and she seemed very excited to talk to me. She apologized for not talking to me though I didn't ask her too and she seemed like she was flirting with me. She was telling me about all the stuff she did with her hair and her new outfits and she was sending me pictures. She also asked me about my plans for the future. During the time she was ignoring me I was out of state for college as a freshman. She is about to head of to college in the fall. Anyways, it seemed like we were getting close again and I was happy, but then she met another guy and they fell in love I guess and now she doesn't talk to me anymore and she blocked me on Facebook, but for some reason is following me on Twitter. I don't get it. What should I think about all this?


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  • I think she wants you attention and uses you when she wants to feel wanted. she might have liked you but not as much as you liked her.


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