Why does this girl "make fun" of me when I bring up a date or a woman marrying me?

At first I thought nothing of it, but it keeps happening so I wonder why she is doing it.

A couple of days ago I was talking (to a friend) and I was joking and saying how it would be nice if I was on a date and the girl at least offered to pick up the check. As soon as I said "being on a date" she had to interrupt and say "yeah, like that is ever going to happen", I guess implying that I can't get dates or something.

The yesterday, I was joking (with another friend) and saying how it seems that men with heart problems seem to have been married to the same woman for a long time and that's why they developed that condition. Then she jumped in (again) and said how I didn't have to worry because I would never find a woman who will want to marry me and other jabs like that.

She makes fun of me for things I do or say, but I think its kinda funny that she is so quick to jump and say how I can't get a date or will never get married and usually when I bring up me being on a date or liking a certain kind of woman. Why is she doing this? Is she jealous or something? I know she finds me unfunny and annoying, but I tell her that she is the only person that seems to think that way and she tells me other girls are just being nice and not telling me the truth. What is her deal?

Hahaha I know she is joking and I didn't take it seriously or got hurt and I played along, its just "funny" that she assumes that because she doesn't like me, other women will think the same or something or wants me to believe it lol
Haha I guess the wrong message got across. Its obvious she is just teasing me, she does it all the time. What got me curious is that she seems jealous when I mention other girls. We spend a lot of time together and talk a lot, but we never really mention the opposite sex and its funny that when I did recently, she got like this and implied no woman could like me, when she is ALWAYS talking to me (initiating most of the time), which mean she at least finds me tolerable to be around lol.


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  • Does she tease other people or are you the only person that she's like this to?

    She could just be a total [female dog] but then if she initiates conversation with you that doesn't really make much sense.

    I mean, I used to be very mean to guys I really liked but I was ... 12 lol.

    Everyone is different so I guess she could be jealous or interested.

    Some people don't know how to express themselves in a normal fashion and it's usually out of fear.

    At some point you're going to have to be honest because she's going to continue and you're still going to stay confused and annoyed.

    The only way to really find out is to ask her why she's such a [donkey]?

    Half-smiles while asking that really lightens the question up.

    I would spark the situation by talking about a girl while you two are alone. If she's as predictable as I think, she's going to say something rude and then you proceed with asking her that serious but not too serious question.

    If she says it's a joke. Say something like "Really? Because when you say something so much it doesn't feel like a joke anymore"

    I just feel like it will sort of catch her off guard and open the door for a honest conversation


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  • she migh tlike you but why would you keep talking to a perosn like her?

  • either she is a total a**hole or she wants you

    • "Either she's a total a**hole, or she's a total a**hole and she wants you."

      Fixed that for you.

    • HA! That does make more sense lol

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  • She's just a nasty piece of work who likes to make fun ofpeople and hurt them if she can.

    You should just laugh back at her, say, "how would you know about dates, you've never been on one.."" And 'You already have a heart condition; you don't have one.!'

    Maybe she just enjoys bantering in this way. The mistake you made was to take her seriously.

    • Let's hope she wanted to banter and wasn't really trying to bring you down!

    • UPdATE: Tease her back, tell her no guy wants her, they'd prefer to be monks, and that sort of thing.

  • Why is this negative person even in your life? I'd just get rid of her period ( from your life, not as in kill her...) What does she bring into your life that justifies you keeping her around?

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