Online Dating Experience for Men

I hear a lot of guys on here complaining about how hard online dating is for men. Obviously I imagine men tend to be the pursuers which is what normally happens offline as well. Is it really worse for men? Maybe because so many people on this site are closer to 21 than 30+ the site is biased. I read that on a girls early twenties she gets the most attention but once a girl is over 26 they no longer get more attention than the average male (still a little hard to believe). Supposedly at 40 something men get twice as many messages. If you look at the paid sites like e harmony and chemistry there are close to twice as many women as men. The only site I saw that had more men was plenty of fish. Are the men complaining on here just 18-24 year olds?
Online dating is better for women
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Online Dating Experience for Men
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