I think he lost interest?

I met this guy several weeks ago. He lives a few hours away, is divorced with a young son. We hit it off so well; we hung out, made out. afterward, he called me and texted me almost every day. We tried to make plans but the first time we could was last week. We went out and had a great time. He took me to a big event launch opening night party, had dinner at a very nice place first. We were getting along really well, he introduced me to some of his friends, and they really seemed to like me.

He was staying the night in a hotel and he convinced me to stay over with him because it was very late. We fooled around but didn't have sex. Since then though I feel like things have cooled off, he's texted but not called, and often I'm initiating the text conversations. He was going to be in my town tonight for work but his flight in tonight was cancelled due to bad weather so we can't meet up, and he hasn't suggested anything else. He told me he has his son this weekend.

I texted him and said call me later if he's not busy, wanted to hear his voice, it'd been a while. He wrote back promptly and said "will call you later my dear". But I no longer know where I stand, and feel sh*tty about the whole thing.


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  • I hate the dating guessing games as well. If I were you I would go about my life, doing the things that make me happy. He will come to you if he has not lost interest. I have stopped wasting my time on people who do not make me feel like they care about me as much as I do them. I definitely have gotten my way more by doing this...good luck I know just how frustrated you are

    • do you think he's just playing games with me, to see if I like him? I hate games..

    • It's possible but I wouldn't feed into it by any means. You could confront him straight up but in a confident non threatening way. This way you do not waste time, and if he does like you this should not change anything. Just my opinion though!

  • i wouldn't care bout him anymore