Ladies, What are some terrible allergies and...?

Have you ever gone on a date to a place where you were allergic to a lot of the food they offered? I've been through that, and I must say it was embarrassing, but we had to go to another place because I didn't want to die! Haha! I'm also super sensitive to smells, touch, and other things I can't think of right now, but can probably add onto later :) Do you have any advice for a girl who's allergic to MANY things? One thing I'm also concerned about is going to movie theatre's on a date because I'm epileptic also...-_- Lol. I'm so difficult, I'm sorry!


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  • That's a bummer:/ What environments are you most comfortable in and less prone to an attack? I used to have bad allergies, never had them happen on a date before but I was hanging out with a friend and she told me to just go home because I was sneezing all the time. I keep saying no I'm fine and would try to stop but I kept sneezing and she was getting really annoyed... She was a crappy friend though.. If you had a friend who had a broken leg would you be annoyed they couldn't walk as fast as you? What I am trying to say is if he is a decent guy he won't judge you for it. Hopefully it doesn't happen and if it does then hopefully it will be manageable. Think positively and if you can, just laugh about it and make a joke... Like my eyes would get really red when I had allergies and I'd sayI hope I don't get stopped by the cops because I look like I'm really stoned! Have fun with life and don't worry.

    • You are awesome! Thank you so much :) Very helpful! I haven't had so many good friends either :P but ya know. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you can add me. Would be glad to talk :)

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  • tell the guy that you are going on ad ate with if you can decide which place to go or give suggestions cause of your allergies.

  • Just talk to a doctor so he will recommend things for you. That would be the best way to deal with it