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I had pretty much given up on online dating, or at least I thought I had, until this past Saturday. This super cute girl contacting me, wanting to use guided communication. Her profile read like everything I was looking for.

From what I could tell, I'm the type of person she's interested in. Her trend was aways responding every evening. Last night was the first time she didn't respond. We're to the point were its her turn to send the first email, which is kinda weird for it being the girls turn to send the first email.

Every girl I've met in person from a dating site, has never had this break in communication. I realize its just been one evening of no communication,but past experience tells me "Houston we have a problem".

It's annoying Because I was just getting over the frustration of online dating when she contacted me. How much time should I give her before moving on? I know she's been on the site its not like she's went on vacation etc.

Whoo hoo! Thought I was a goner. She responded at midnight with a good email..asking questions etc. Now if she wasn't so far away!
Well, it took 4 days for her to respond the 2nd time. She apologized this time giving a couple of reasons. She also volunteered her phone number.


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  • I've had the same experience before more than once, on a different site. Most times it's the game they play, talking to numerous guys at once for a bit then they'll pick one to focus on and ignore the rest. Online is a different animal, takes a ton of patience lol. They forget sometimes that we're using the same system, 99% of the times its apps, instant alerts. Even tells if they viewed a message and when. Ignoring things for days is just rude IMO but its the norm so ya just gotta expect it and roll with it. Move on, don't make the mistake of contacting her again unless of course she does respond. The ball is in her court, leave it there bro. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your answer! I normally take everything with a grain of salt, but in this case, she initiated contact with me, which gave me more hope than usual. On eharmony, at this point in the communication process , I can't contact her if I wanted too..ha ha. The wait continues.

    • Those confuse me too bro. After a little experience with the online thing I think I figured out the root of most of the problems there, at least its an explanation that makes sense to me lol. Can't say it was all bad I just do 10x better simply going out, the old fashioned way.

    • yeah...its obviously easier to find people online...cuz most are all they're looking for someone like we are. Plus its nice to have a little back ground on them before deciding to contact them...which is something you can't do in the real world. Clubs,and bars aren't my its 10x harder to meet girls at 31 years old. It's pretty much online, the grocery story..or a traffic jam! Ha ha.

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  • I think you're just being impatient. It's only been one night (although it may seem like an eternity) that you didn't get a response from her.

    • yeah..probably...just have this gut feeling that when she changed course from her normal behavior...its not a good thing.

  • she just didn't answer one time, calm your horses


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  • You might have a problem... or she might be really busy. It's too early to be 100% sure about that. My general rule is that if a woman doesn't initially respond within 10 days, she's out. After we start communicating, she has five days to respond, then she's out.

    • You are much more forgiving than me...I give about 3 days matter the scenerio..ha ha. In this case I just got my hopes up too high too soon because she contacted me first. Plus her profile sounds perfect, not to mention she's cuter than 95% of everyone else. She's probably new...and just wanted to try out the system...atleast until now, when communication requires effort. I try to convince myself I'm better off if I don't hear back since she's 180 miles away. Thanks for answering!

    • Yikes... a 180-mile distance would be a deal-breaker for me, but I hope it works out for you.

  • Paitence is a virtue dude, trust us when we tell you it pays off.

    • Okay man...if you're right...the checks in the mail...if you're wrong...Pay up!

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