What should I do? Should I go with it or stay away?

an old friend/lover of mine want to hangout with me and he said he misses my kisses and wants to kiss me like before, well I'm scared and I feel like hanging out with him would be the wrong thing to do I can't deny it I miss his kisses as well but I remember that back then I caught feelings for him and when I told him I was falling for him he told me he didn't feel the same way and it tore me apart I was so hurt so I stopped talking to him and it's been 4 years since we last seen each other and now hw wants to see me and kiss me:/ I told him that I'm not trying to get hurt again and he said that was the past, what do you think about this? what should I do? should I go with it or stay away?


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  • He's using you. Stay away from him. What you want and what he wants are two different things. You'll probably just get hurt by it.

    Look at what you said. He didn't say anything about missing you, or going out doing things with you, he just said he misses the kissing. Unless there is more to it than what you said, then it's purely physical.

    If he tries to claim there is more to it, then maybe hang with him for a couple months with no physical contact. See if he sticks around.

    • last week was the first time we talleked in a long time he said he misses me and asked when will we see each other again then he said he's moving to miami on September and he asked me to move with him, I asked if he was jokin and he said he was but if I want to go I can lol but I don't know I feel like he's trying to use me but at the same time after all the females he slept with or made out with how does he still remember about me or the times we spent I mean it was 4 years ago and we only kissed 2or 3

    • times, so I don't know why he wants to use me when there are plenty of girls he did stuff with eventhough I don't know maybe he thinks about every chick I don't know I really don't know I feel like he is try to use me but at the same time I feel like he cares or misses me for real I'm like twiste

    • He doesn't care about you. He's just using you.

      You asked why he wants you when he could be with plenty of other girls. It's possible he doesn't even remember much about you. You might be nothing more than a name and a phone number or address. He's a player. I've known guys like that who would barely remember someone they talked to only a week before, but it doesn't stop them from trying to hook up.

      Sorry, but you should forget about this guy and find someone who wants a real relationship.

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  • I would stay away form him he jsut wants the attention.

  • just stay away, don't talk to him

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