In what areas do you think is it easier for girls and what areas for guys?

In what areas do you think is it easier for girls and what areas for guys

For example:

I think when it comes to the area of dating/ relationship girls have it easier (e.g. get more money and almost always get the children when divorcing; girls don't have to make the move when dating or flirting - the guys are coming to them).

But in the business world (e.g. when it comes to promotion; usually it's a man and not a woman that is a CEO) guys have an advantage.


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  • Women can get attention and casual sex easier and less is expected of us. Men get taken more seriously in highly educated surroundings and careers.

    Now the boring part: my personal story.

    As a woman studying engineering, you'll definitely get more looks, but also less credit. I have to prove myself to every new person I meet, that I'm not some bimbo trying to fit in. I'm genuinely interested in typically male things. They also give me less responsibility and ask me less questions about, say, a product created during a project. They assume I know less about it than the men or that I at least did less than them. I have to fight to get a piece of the action and show my worth. That sucks big time, but with that also comes the ability to get a free pass with solo projects. They demand less explanations from me and ignore some of my minor mistakes, when they're harsher with men. I'm still unsure whether I should consider it a blessing or not.


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  • the jobs in my area are kinda messed up they will tell you if they want a female or male to work th position when it comes to welding or packaging parts or machines they mostly go for men especially for dock workers I've applied to so many and mostly looking for men I don't get it cause the jobs will say we don't discrimanate on race or sex but jobs like modeling and warehouse and stuff do here in my area they are very percise on what they want its seems easier for the guys because they mostlyy give hard jobs to guys there are jobs that are hard for girls but some areas only pay girls less because there women I was looking up on reasearch about careers and saw that they give women in some areas get paid less =/ it really sucks cause I want a hard job just like men have and make good money to it isn't fair but its not guys fault its society and laws and rules of different states

  • Science and business are two areas that are dominated by men. I'm about to major in biology in a good university. I haven't even started yet, but I've gotten plenty of comments from men that "pretty women don't need to do science" or that I should "rely on my future husband" or, "Why don't you just stick to baking?" (I like to bake sometimes). My mother was an accountant. Some men laugh at her because she is pretty and they don't take her seriously. She missed out on many promotions and was told by the promoter that it's because she's a woman.

  • fashion for girls, mechanics for guys

  • Men have it easier in the business world. They also have more job opportunities because they're physically capable of doing and handling more.

    Women have it easier when getting dates. They also have it easier in divorce court.

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  • in jobs its easier for men or they get paid more, in kids the girls are the ones that mostly take all the credit.

  • girls-entertainment industry

    men-science and engineering stuff

  • Easier for women:

    -porn industry

    -fashion industry

    -cosmetics industry

    -dating world

    Easier for men:




    factory work

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  • Women have it easier in dating

    Men have it easier in terms of biology and the corporate world


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  • This is going to be a rather long list, for both sides. That said, you have to keep in mind that its all about perception. A good example is dating. Men will feel they having tougher in dating because they have to make the moves, while some women will see having the lack of control as a disadvantage. So on certain issues, it depends on the person and their personality/perception. Generally speaking though this is how I think my list would stack up:

    Easier for girls:

    -Service industry jobs (waitress, marketing, customers service, hotel management, receptionist, teacher, etc.)

    -Academics and college entry

    -Financial/career expectations

    -sex (in terms of pleasing their partner)


    -maintaining an ideal body shape

    -legal/crimal cases in court

    -child custody cases

    -public perception of sexuality

    -getting help with tasks

    -disposability dynamics, putting the opposite gender before oneself. (i.e. jumping in front of the bullet, giving up jacket, letting them have the last cookie)

    -intellectual expectations

    -responsibility for the safety of others.

    -life expectancy

    -marketing promotions (i.e. women get in free)

    -No draft requirement


    -Physical labor jobs

    -personal safety

    -military advancement and entry

    -biological mechanisms (no periods and less gender specific health problems)

    -Expectation for physical appearance


    -personal sexual satisfaction

    -fashion expectations

    -child birth

    -managing the household (household chores and children).

  • well men get to high positions because more of them work more hours and more consecutive years so that's not really in mens advantage.

    • Absolutely correct.

    • I fully agree.

      Why do men make more money on average? Because they've focused their energy on obtaining the highest paying job and not the most pleasurable one. Because they work longer hours and on average hold more financial obligations.

  • "Try not looking for a girlfriend for a while, you don't really need one. Instead focus on yourself, on personal social growth. Join something, a bookclub, sports, a choir, volunteer locally, a school club, whatever as long as if forces you to interact with new people who don't know you. Find out who you are without all the social shortcuts and habits you employ with your friends. Give each place say 3 to 6 months to get used to. Make new friends, some will be female, many will be temporary. Keep moving, treat people well, better than they treat you. Have fun and find someplace new you feel comfortable in."

    make yourself as powerful and as strong as possible.. research venues that you haven't before.. go out there and do some bloody yoga, run a mile.. because today is the day you break off the routine.. today is the day you have realized that real men don't cry they take action and take initiative and when real girls see that they can spot a winner, The Real Man!

    This talk about confidence and fake****ness gets you nowhere in life if your lifestyle isn't congruent..confident men don't cry they learn from mistake and they apply it in the real world.. any fears you have.. stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself... you are 'effin old and anything that comes YOU CAN HANDLE IT! stop being scared of the boogie man in the dark! GOD DAMN IT!

    Now turn off your computer and head out and the first cute girl that you meet out in the mall or the coffee shop.. go tell her that you think that she's cute and you guys should have a coffee.. if rejected you did what I told you to do above and your reality will start to change with time.. you'll see the world as opportunity instead of a prison and if accepted.. well there you go Delete your account on POF because the real world awaits you...

    Because testicles generate testosterone. Testosterone is what generates physical dominance, competitiveness, and confidence. It generates the drive to approach, conquer, and consume. If you are lacking any of these qualities, you likely have a low testosterone level. Working out regularly will fix a lot of this."

    All of this unfair bullsh*t goes to show you all the god damn work us guys have to do in order to be attractive, boyfriend material, a girl just has to have a vagina, that's all

  • guys have to change if they are not getting laid, but girls don't have to change if they are not getting laid, well at least not the type of changes guys have to do, this statement right here goes to show you all the chore cards we were dealt with for being a guy:

    "WOMEN should not be the main source of a Man's happiness. It is everywhere, on the television, the radio, the books, and hell, even in a bodybuilding forum, where men act as if they are living their lives to fulfill the desires of women when it should be the other way around.

    You need to take a good look of yourself in front of a mirror. Ask yourself, what is it in this life that you want? Where do you want to be? What are the things you are doing to achieve your aspirations?

    You need to realize your dream and work on them. Your dream should not be related to acquiring women. A true man has dreams BIGGER than women!

    You are a Man. Stop crying over a woman. Start living your life and find your passion. And if you have already found your passion (fitness and going to med-school to become a doctor for me) then immerse yourself with the work it takes to ELEVATE what you do to an art form.

    So stop crying over women. The women should be the ones CRYING OVER YOU! Go be the Man that you are suppose to be! Action. Passion. Strength. This is MAN. Live your life for YOURSELF. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! At the end of the day, when you are laying on your bed alone at night, you realize that all you really have is yourself and the dreams you want to achieve. "

    SERIOUSLY IT F***IN' PISSES ME OFF!, and no why the f*** should I want or enjoy having those traits? want to develop no traits? that sounds boring to me, women don't need a passion, but men do unfortuneately.

    I also hate how people argue how doing the approaching and asking out, pursuing, gives you some sort of "power", yeah well it's a power I don't like, basically it's okay for a girl to need or want a boyfriend to make her life happy but not the other way around, a girl doesn't need a purpose or goals in life, she doesn't need those jacksh*t qualities!

  • Girls get it easier in the dating world, but they can't choose, but guys have difficulty in the dating world but they can choose

  • Girls have it easier in dating and everything else is about the same for both guys and girls

    • Physical labor jobs would be easier for guys too obviously

  • girls have almost everything easier in life

    • LOL I wish! (childbirth,periods,dressing up, media pressure) ahahaha

    • i said almost , media pressure is harder for guys