About cheerleaders. Would you date one? tell me everything

I am a cheerleader and I heard that lots of people think cheerleaders are slutty.

No one that I've known in the past thought so or said it to my face or to other people. Probably yes they've have but whatever..

Hey, what's your opinion about cheerleaders?

&& you can say everything, doesn't matter if its mean/slutty or whatever. Spit it out!

Would you like to date a cheerleader?

Whats your opinion about cheerleaders?

Thank yew all.


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  • the girl I liked in high school was a cheerleader. I really liked this girl she was not a slut at all. She was really nice and really smart and she was just a great person to be around. I regret not asking her out my shyness just got in the way all the time. I talked to her a bit and I honestly miss her a lot. I will never see her again though. So yes I would date a cheerleader if her personality was good.


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  • I would date one as long as she wasn't an idiot. Cheerleaders aren't slutty. People are slutty. Can't go around slapping cliches on everything now.

    • I just think people say it because of jealousy. And by that I ment 'slutty cheerleaders'

  • I don't think they're sluts as you put it and yes I would date/marry one.
    It's a sport in away with all the compotisons and events you proform at and the moves and prosison you can get into is amazing it must take work I know you're made different without things getting in the way.
    the reason behind people thinking that you're really are all horny sluts is in a lot off movies and TV shows that's how they're shown to be horny and always on heat not wearing underwear, showing off what they can do in a sexual way.
    You have to blame the media.

  • well cheerleaders have toned thighs.. i noticed that cheerleaders are very confident on showing off their legs too and their stomachs as well. they're flirty in a very cute way. but i have to ask you, do you like to show off your legs a lot and like do you have to keep your thighs toned?


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