Ever been in a love triangle?

if so tell.

I've been and some and its confusing to choose or not to choose one of them at all. and if ur seeing someone the person confesses there feelings which make me/you doubt ourselves with to confusing


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  • I'm kinda in one right now.

    I dated a guy who I'm completely, blindly head-over-heels in love with. . . but when we went to college he broke up with me, since he didn't want a "long-distance" relationship. We've kinda been dating on and off since then.

    Then like, this past month, I met his roommate, who developed a big crush on me. . . and like yeah, I fell for him too.

    It's a giant mess and the first guy claims he still likes me (even though he was cheating on me for the past four months). . . but yeah. It's definitely a hard situation to be in.


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  • I have been in a few and have chosent the wrong person a few times. The last one I was in ended up being the best decision I ever made. It was between a FWB of six years and a close friend potential-boyfriend of 4 years. I chose my close friend and am now engaged and happier than I thought I could ever be.

  • Yeh I'm kinda in one now. I hate it but don't know how I can get out of it. With me it isn't me trying to choose between two guys, I'm actually one of the two girls and there is one guy who thinks he can have us both. Love triangles are sh*t.

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