Random texts but no call after great first date... what gives guys?

So I went out on a first date with this guy. And we had a great time. He seemed eager to talk to and get to know me... Invited his friends to meet me. I got along with everyone . At the end of the night he took the goodnight kiss a bit too far, nothing crazy. I nicely told him he would have to hold that thought. No biggie. He apologized and admitted being embarrassed. I told him not to worry about it. Since then all I've gotten is a random "what are you doing" texts no phone call... No asking fit a second date even though he said he had a great time with me and it "wouldn't be the last"... What gives?


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  • Did he ask you out on the first date? If so he maybe unsure on how you feel and wants you to make the move and ask him out on the second date. It sounds like he is doing all of the chasing and you are not doing anything and are giving him the wrong impression.

    It is a modern world. Why can you not call him? Are you incapble of calling him.

    I think if you like him you should just go ahead and ask him for the second date, it is clear that he likes you but he is treading carefully because he is unsure on your feelings.

    Men should not have to do all of the work and all of the asking. It is a modern and equal world!

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